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  • Jens’ After Action Report – Stockholm Tournament 2014 – Part 3

    Unit Tactica
    Now you know a little something of my overall strategy and how it went in Stockholm. It is time to go a bit further and reveal some individual unit tactics.

    Coyote – a focal point grabber
    The Shaltari Coyote command vehicle is a sturdy beast. It is ideal to secure focal points and to add its firepower to any fight. But it is a slow walker that needs all the mobility it could gain. In the past I used to walk-on my commander but I have reconsidered and use gates nowadays. This ensures my commander is 15″ up the table in the first turn. This ensures Sphere of Influence is secured and that the Coyote could reach a mid-table focal point without problem in a turn or two. Continue reading  Post ID 2838

  • Jens’ After Action Report – Stockholm Tournament 2014 – Part 2

    I would like to apologize for this late post. It was my intention to publish it yesterday, but life got in the way.

    Two scenarios were played at the first day of the Stockholm tournament. One scenario was left to play for the day with two wins achieved. My third match was against Stefan, you can find his account of the tournament in the following links, The First Day and The Second Day. The scenario to play was Secure the Flanks. Continue reading  Post ID 2838

  • Jens’ After Action Report – Stockholm Tournament 2014 – Part 1

    I arrived to a cozy basement in Solberga Stockholm in the Saturday morning. Three tables were ready to host a total of fifteen games, five to be played at each seperate table. The scenery was the well known Hawk Wargames buildings and tiles where five scenarios were to be played: Recon, Military Complex and Secure the Flanks the first day, Take and Extract and Surging Strike on the second day. In order to beat my opponents I brought the following list of the Shaltari warmachine:
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  • The most important thing to do right in DZC: Entering buildings

    There are several important aspects of a successful tactic in DZC. Army building and balance within your force, consideration to the possible missions, usage of commanders and when to activate a unit last and enter enemy zone just to activate first next turn (next post, I think), to just name a few. Two of the most important is when to activate which battlegroup – I think many consider this one of the most important aspects of the game. I have absolutely lost several games because of this. But I think there is one more important aspect of DZC that will give you the win or your loss: When to enter with infantry into buildings.

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  • Jens’ After Action Report – Pew Pew – 2014 – part 2

    Targets of Opportunity
    The last game of the first day was against UCM playing the scenario of Targets of Opportunity. I was off to a flying start finding my first objective in turn 2, moving through an underground monorail getting into the next building and finding it at the first attempt in turn 3. At the same time my opponent had secured an objective and was trying to find a second objective with his Praetorians. The middle objective were contested and my Firstborn fought for the entire game against wave upon wave of Legionaries and finally securing it. Even though it was exiting the most exiting action was happening on the left flank where the objective the Praetorian’s found were taken by a group Braves forcing them to turn tail. The Braves jumped into a Haven which gated through the Firedrake which in turn got shot down. The last few Praetorians swooped in with their Raven to get the objective. The Raven got shot down and the Praetorians amazingly enough survived. From their it went crazy, Braves killed the Praetorians and we entered turn 6. The final action was to try and use the Warspear to finish off the Rapier carrying the final objective, unfortunately it did not work. It ended with a win and was a really exciting match.

    Bunker Assault
    A new day started off with me facing off against a non-demolition PHR army, not what I was expecting. With the scenario being Bunker Assault I knew I could use my infantry offensive and securing several of the bunkers early. I used my Spirit gates to get my infantry into position holding off with the Firstborns to challenge my opponent’s Sirens, they got the chance to fight the Sirens and won, even though it was barely.

    The whole game turned out to be a good amount of fun with a lot of my decisions paying off, except for when I sent my Warspear into an overconfident death when trying to take-out a Phobos from behind. From that on I managed to finish off my opponent’s units one by one securing a big win. The game was quite one-sided where the dice were with me and against my opponent. Finally something I did not think I would ever write about a game against PHR, all buildings were left standing at the end of the game. To put the last nail into my opponent’s coffin I gated my Coyote into range of the bunker closest to my opponent’s table edge securing the fourth bunker. In the last turn I controlled four bunkers and contested the fifth, my opponent controlled one and contested two. When the smoke cleared the game ended with a major victory in myfavour.

    Secure the Flanks
    My final game was against Egge, another aggressive Scourge who had beaten me at Wexio. The Scenario was Secure the Flanks and I went heavy on destroying my opponent’s closest objective building managing to destroy it before Egge found the objective. At the same time I had found my closest objective but had problems getting it off the table since there was a lot of Scourge in my backyard. At the same time a one sided close quarter battle was happening in the middle objective building. Egge owned the left flank and I was fighting a losing battle on the right flank hoping to dominate the right focal point to even up the score. At the same I had gotten lucky and shot down an objective carrying Marauder. But Egge drew a Call for Extraction! card and got an Invader to pick up the stranded objective. It was a game I thought I could win but I should have understood that I was going to lose and started to go for kill points instead, but I did not. I got some comfort from knowing that I managed this army of Scourge better than the first one.

    In short, Pew Pew was a success for me, it ended with a fifth place out of ten and I really enjoyed my list. It offered me the mobility I asked for and I really enjoyed using a Warspear. It will return in future lists.

  • Jens’ After Action Report – Pew Pew – 2014 – part 1

    In the wake of Egge’s Pew Pew related article I commit my experience.

    I awoke in the early Saturday morning filled with expectations of things to come. I met up with a fellow Dropzone Commander at the train station and both our spirits were high. This time it was time to go to Skövde and Pew Pew Con, a small gaming convention, and a very nice one I were to experience. The tournament consisted of five rounds with the following scenarios, presented in the same order in which they were played: Recon, Take and Extract, Targets of Opportunity the first day and Bunker Assault and Secure the Flanks the second day.
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  • I Believe Command Cards Should Affect Your Army List! – Part 6


    Fast mover enhancing
    Ace in the Making (2)
    T1: 5%, T2: 19,7%, T3: 21,8%, T4:24,5%, T5: 27,9%, T6: 32,4%
    Requirements: Fast Mover, Intercept
    Characteristics: Die Modifier
    Game impact: -/Medium

    The Ace in the Making command card is increasing the Archangel’s interception ability to the best in the game, ignoring the Intercept accuracy penalty. This may also be a selling point for putting two Archangels in one squad granting the effect on both but limiting their choice of prey. A powerful command card increasing the chances of stopping the opponent’s fast movers before they have the ability to act. If combined with the Assisted Targeting command card it would be even better. But since it is dependent on that your opponent has fast movers its usability is decreased and may even be voided. Continue reading  Post ID 2838

  • I Believe Command Cards Should Affect Your Army List! – Part 5


    Activation tampering
    False Diplomacy (1)
    T1: 2,5%, T2: 10,3%, T3: 11,4%, T4: 12,9%, T5: 14,8%, T6: 17,4%
    Requirements: None
    Characteristics: Influence
    Game impact: Low/High

    The False Diplomacy command card could really screw with your opponent’s activations denying her/him the activation of their choice. The command card may have a low or a high game impact depending on how much it affects your opponents decision making and which opportunities it grants you. But because of its random nature it could also do nothing and with a cool opponent not even mess with their head. This command card should be played as a complement to a plan and may therefore be saved for a better opportunity. But I also believe it is best used in turn 1 or 2 when the order battle groups are activated may be of really paramount importance.

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