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  • So the Swedish champ is over!

    Posted on by egges

    Thank you attendees and congratulations to the Winner, Linus who basically walked over all players completely with the Shaltari army getting 99 och possible 110 tournament points.

    Stefan (Snolb) will post pictures and all that but I thought to give my experience of the event. Mostly how the missions worked, the point system and lots of whining about the Shaltari being op because I didn’t win…

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  • Search! The mission in discussion (and first video report)

    Posted on by egges

    Search is a mission I have protected a lot in the past. I really like the style and it gives an important variation to the standard objectives in buildings and focal points. Recon and Encroachment does this as well. After some discussion on Hawk’s forum where I am the only one protecting the missions not being the 40k standard ones as Focal points. I fear we are moving into a tournament scene where pitched battle fantasy style is the only thing that will be deemed competitive and objectives that are not focal points will disappear. Look into the last Invasion for instance – demolish buildings (removed from tournament scene), recon encroachmen and search (removed from tournament scene), destroy focal points (removed), heck targets of opportunity (removed from tournament scene).

    Though this is a problem among the organizers. And to be true. As long as an TO thinks it is ok in their tournament I should shut up. However, I have a problem with the discussions stating that basically anything not amount a very narrow amount of missions are unbalanced. DZC needs more different objectives in missions – not less. Less means pitched battle fantasy style and we are almost already at the point that buildings that are not completely mirrored to both players are extremely unbalanced to the point that the world will end. The issue I’m having is that by just removing missions and not adding anything we are loosing the part of DZC that is fun and it is just a matter of time until normal objectives in buildings are gone.

    So I defend Search, recon and Encroachment with my teeth. I really should stop because I also think “Shut up, Egge! I have heard this all before many many times from you.” And the world will most likely not end. not while there are TO’s doing something different.

    But we were talking about Search.

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  • Egge can only stick his head in the sand for so long

    Posted on by egges

    I see one important danger with DZC. And that is that the game can be stuck in old tracks. Buildings and terrain must be exactly the same for both players or even for all players, the mission must have no dice in them and players should never be forced to reconsider their plan because of bad dice.

    Problem is that we play a dice game. After the first roll the game does not have the same continuation point anymore. Encroachment, Search and Recon is for me a  very important missions that add variation in the DZC games we have. If we stick to the objectives in buildings and focal points as the only way to score in DZC we will soon see a game where Pitched battle is the only norm.

    In the latest blog from OB they report from a very successful and what to me seems to be a very fun tournament. But I got a bit stuck on two things. First – my love of my life, Recon is deemed not fit for tournaments and second that the mission is bad because one player (I assumed it was one player) rolled 7 ones on the searches.

    I have some thoughts on this. But mainly I feel I must consider these missions, the love of my life, in a different view. I feel they are needed for DZC’ survival but I need to come up with a way to have them included in tournaments where other players feel they are fair enough.

    I need to remind myself that I can be totally wrong on these missions. I need to stop sticking my head in the sand. At least for this post.



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  • Regarding terrain and missions. Mostly buildings.

    I thought to add something to my low-quality previous post regarding tournament pack. But first a summary of my thoughts regarding balance in a tournament;

    • Hawk’s tournament pack is a pointer, not a steady rule. The pack is meant to be broken if a TO wishes so.
    • To’s rule the tournament. If no one enter the tournament the TO will most likely change.
    • Hawks Tournament pack has the potential to change game balance with just the missions inside and a TO with generally good intentions will not have much problems testing new stuff and still be inside these extreme edges of balance in the pack.
    • The point system a TO uses has rather little effect on a statistical result. As long as you are rewarded more for winning than loosing the point system is actually not that important. Sure for individuals the result can change but not general army-wise.
    • Missions should be based on same objectives for both players. Not different ones. As long as the players have the same starting point you will get, statistically the best player that win.
    • Also, I believe that the amount of important dice rolls in DZC (or any dice game) will mean that adding a few more important die rolls are not showing much effect on the game nor a tournament. So you have a span of unbalance that DZC has no problem coping with.
    • As a final note, terrain, player skill and choice of army will affect the results much more than a slightly unbalanced mission.

    I thought to give voice to the terrain part. In a feeble attempt to compensate for my lack of quality posts I will go for quantity instead.

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  • Tournaments and their set-ups

    I got a comment on one of my posts on Hawks forum that reminded me of a lot of the discussions I have had during my 10 or so of tournament playing and arranging tournaments in 40k. The question in itself is pretty standard – is it ok to go off what the standard is and will that not change game balance? In the very outmost cases the answer is no – it really doesn’t matter.

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  • Battle report Push The line!

    So Jens have done a really great job at constructing missions where the Victory Points are awarded not only in the end of the game but more through the game like the other missions that are consistently able to give points to the players. After Invasion we talked a lot about this and in GothCon this year we will use the following three missions (click to view them).

    Push the Line changes the Focal point’s position depending on who win most focal points at the end of turn 3. The winner will be awarded an extra VP and the three focal points will be removed and replaced by 2 at the loosing player’s board edge.
    Elusive targets is developed to vastly improve the effect of demolishing armies. The position of the objectives will switch the more you shoot at a building and placement of your infantry should almost always be in the building you expect the objectives will be in – not the building they actually are in. We will use it as is on GothCon but expect to be forced to change some bits about it. The general idea is amazing but the mission needs to be finalized a little more before we can consider it 100% competitive.
    Planetfall is a great idea and works well as is. Focal points are awarded both in Turn 3 and 6. Then you divide the total points and round up. Armies like Scourge and Shaltari need to actually be on the table and actually move to the points early as well as place their more sensitive units closer to the opponent’s which becomes a problem against armies like PHR which have a much better chance surviving stuff like that.

    Me and Stefan played Push the line!. This is my story of it.

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  • I just calculated what I had and what I miss

    In short. I should be cleaning. On Tuesday the bank is coming here to place a value on the house. So cleaning it is. But this is a break. You know. As short one. Has nothing to do with the fact that it is freaking boring.

    I just gathered what Scourge I had and found myself wanting. First I noticed I need to paint more but I also noticed I miss things. Damn.

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