Rumours from Autumn invasion 2017

So it is over. I have taken some time off to work and thought it fun to post some rumours from Dave at Hawk. I’m hoping I don’t overstep here. While Dave stated that everything he said could be discussed I am a beta tester and some things were perhaps intended for testers only. Also, it is very preliminary and bound for change. So take it with salt:

So my summary:

  • Drop and shoot will most likely happen.
  • Open transports will most likely happen.
  • There will be new missions and/or versions of already existing missions.
  • Extractions points are one thing being tested so that you need to save those dropships to get objectives off.
  • Drive on and shoot will be hard to do in the new ed.
  • It felt like the CBQ rules were still under debate (in the details)
  • There can be a way for infantry to join a fight earlier than the turn after it entered.
  • Dave really wanted to have the Hannibals to be more used. Perhaps a new standard choice? It makes sense as you can make a perfect high tech resistance army.
  • Shaltari will work similar as like today.

On a funny note I talked to Dave and noted that in the current edition you can change altitude any amount of times during an aircraft’s action. So it could technically be abused to crash on models. Dave stated he thought it was kind of cheesy to have a idea to crash on models with a dropship to get some usage of it at the later stages in the game. I described that we swedes have a house rule where the opponent can claim you pass your fly low test. As a matter of fact, the more I think about it the more I think one could use a house rule where you say that the opponent pass any die anyway. Thus you can keep an irritating player that must roll 56 die to kill a single warrior in CQB.

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