The road to Autumn invasion 2017 – Egge’s list

So I don’t really intend to win but I thought to post my list so the people that are competing can take a look and laugh.

So generally I think that my list consists of the standard stuff. At least for me. Enough AA but kind of little AT which is a bit worrying. I am going to use the monitors like a dead activation that does not enter the table unless they have something to shoot at. They do have 36″ range (so can shoot at something 40″). I’m not sure if I want to use the monitors or the prowlers yet in a dropship. Monitors are nice but extra stuff on the ground is also sensible in this army list.

Overseer Lvl 5

6 Hunters and 3 reapers in a despoiler with gun

2×2 infantry in light dropship.
3 Reapers in a Marauder

2 infantry in a light dropship

4 Prowlers in a transport
2 destroyers in a light dropship

4 Monitors

Most people will see gaping holes in this army list but it is strong in dead activations and have good AA. It might be able to surprise some people. We’ll see. I have to train a bit first.

Sadly I and Daniel will be the only from Sweden this year. Many here have expressed loss of interest with the new version of DZC 2 incoming and we will see what happens but I will go alone for now.

Hope to see many there!

Oh, BTW; if you optimize your army list to beat this list I will laugh because it will not be the list you should have watched out for. So don’t bother with my list.

2 Responses to The road to Autumn invasion 2017 – Egge’s list

  1. Mike Burch says:

    I like it Erik, looks like it covers bases.
    Scourge always lack ground presence

    Be good to see you again xx

  2. It’s a good list! Not much different from last year’s if in remember correctly, although you must have changed something to adjust for the Overseer’s price bump, I can’t remember what it is.

    I’m probably going to take exactly the same list as last year.