Tournament in Sweden day 2

Forgot to take pics on my first game. But it was a horrible game for me. 4 arcangels came in turn 2 and killed the commander.

 One thing tested here is special rules and I wanted to note some things and what we came to for kind of conclusion 


Walkers and infantry move as normal. All others halve the move. 

Units standing inside the wood get soft cover and infantry also get body cover. Units only see 4″ into a wood but never through. Aircrafts only see 1″ unless they fly low (not landed) and then they can see 4″. 

If you stand within 1″ of the edge you get the soft cover bonus but can shoot normally. If you stand more than 1″ in you can shoot normally but the target get cover as if they had been in a wood. 

Woods are considered 4″ high. 

Intel and wood

Any ground unit starting in a wood may search for Intel as normal. There is of course an Intel for both players in each wood. 

A found focal point is placed where the model that searched stood when finding it. 

A bomb means a E 10 hit on the model searching. 

Wood and objectives

Any unit starting in a wood may search for a objective. Not only the first one into the wood. So the enemy can search as well. 

No matter how many squads of non infantry units you have in a wood you only get one die. Infantry get one die for every squad as normal though. 

So 2 squads of immortals and a ares and a Odin are in a wood. You get one die for the non infantry squads (it doesn’t matter that there are two squads of non infantry) and one for each infantry squad for a total of 3 die. 

You always start to search on a 6 in a wood (bonus on these due to abilities can apply as well as normal). 

This means that a wood works extremely well on its own or as a table with a mix of buildings and woods without making it a nightmare to play on. 

I’m kind of sold on this. And will play with woods a lot more as we move on. 

Scattered terrain

Two different types of scattered terrain is used. Solid scattered terrain and insubstantial scattered terrain. 


Solid scattered terrain are open for walkers and infantry and impassable for other vehicles. They block LZ for aircrafts. Here they had 0.5 so for each car and 1dp for each bus. Armour 6. Worked well. But I think it could be streamlined to 4 Dp armour 6. 

They block as you see and provide hull down for non infantry. Infantry that are behind or inside Solid scattered get soft cover and body cover. 


Usually shown by small pieces of trees. 

They do not hinder movement in any way. They provide soft cover to any unit if fired through. They are considered as they are but minimum 2.1″. So aircrafts can not fly low over them. They can not be destroyed here bit we discussed 3dp armour 3. So that machine guns can destroy them. 

Special versions that have edges might stop movement according to normal definitions. So as shown below would be open for large enough walkers and infantry but impassable for all other type of ground units. 

Updates will come

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