First indication of DZC 2 is up on Beast of war

Very, very interesting! Make sure you check it out!

Very important to take it all with salt. These things can change even this far into development.

As I see it the short of it is (opinions under each point):

  1. They are at (2.2) so they have tested some bits and are now into it further.
  2. They have an alpha group of playtesters.
  3. They have listened to players around the globe.
  4. Fast movers will have a new mechanic. Instead of a purchased unit you pay for an attack run. This can be fast (moves off the table after the attack) or slow (model stays on table and can attack later on with one turn available).

    This really is nice. With the model staying on table we could really use the nice models and the idea of attack runs instead is great. It feels like the right direction.

  5. Attack runs will be cheap to purchase a few of but expensive to spam.

    Everything that stops spam is good.

  6. The attack run model is not purchased per say but if killed gives a hefty amount of KP to the opponent. The video mentioned 300KP for a Athena. These points should change as the development moves along.

    Sounds good. But it must not invalidate the attack runs. I see a 1500 points battle in a tournament can turn a lot with some 600 KP dead fast movers.

  7. The transports will be free – i e that they will not be connected to a battlegroup. Like Shaltari.

    This is, of course, huge! Very interesting and I didn’t see this one coming. I would prefer not (and let the shaltari stick with it instead) but see where this is coming from. And it makes sense. I’m already looking into ways to mark which transports have been activated and which have not. As I see it, this is the main part of the game that really spice things up. But it also initiate new questions. Can everything now drive on? Do you buy the transport with the units or like Shaltari? How will it in turn effect Shaltari (I think it is sensible to have the same “free” transport-rules for Shaltari and the rest of the factions).

    How will it affect point costs or perhaps they will stay the same? Will you be able to buy more transports than squads of a certain type? Again it makes sense to draw Shaltari into the same system (so perhaps maximum of haven and spirit mix of the amount fo squads).

  8. Army building (one of the main critical points of the game when we started out and before FFOR) will be easier and simplified.

    Sounds sensible. I still rely totally on FFOR on army building and it would help with something else. What it exactly means we will see.

  9. It was a little unclear but battlegroups seems to be based on the tournament size. What this exactly means is a little vague.

    Will it be larger battlegroups or more when you go up in battle size? For me I would like to see a standard of 5 Battlegroups to get them more large. Dead activations is still a bit boring.

  10. Command cards will be 56 but you will have a deck building moments as you remove from the 56 cards down to 40.

    This is interesting but I see a risk this will be highly “of course” with 40 cards you will automatically use because superior in effect.

  11. Nothing mentioned on more rules. But I think we will see more in the future.

    Here more will come. What has been streamlined? Will CQB be different? Missions? Finding objectives? Terrain? Lots and lots of things to see and it will be wonderfully interesting.

2 Responses to First indication of DZC 2 is up on Beast of war

  1. Good summary and analysis of the video, Egge.

    So much good potential here with 2.0!

    Things that keep new players from jumping in will be addressed, I think. Hopefully we will see the kind of boost to Dropzone Commander that Infinity saw with its v3.