Survey and control in Sweden 

With the announcement of Dropzone Commander 2 today, what is better than to post something about something else? Just some pics from today’s game. How about that?

Still… mostly it is just pictures.

Scourge vs resistance. A tournament is coming up next week and so we wanted to brush up on our skills. Or lack of…

Turn 1 was only placing as normal with the exception of typhoons destroying a dp10 building with worms inside.

Turn 2 looks really really grim for scourge. One bg lost because of stupidity and a destroyed in air-result. One wormshooter down. 2 reapers dead and no worms alive on table. Standing is 4-3 to the resistance. The demo capabilities really show and Scourges lack of range demo also shows. But next turn will be vital and the Despoiler actually did 4 DP on the enemy commander.

Turn 3 a lot of things happened. Another bg for the scourge is dead but the scourge have killed the entire command bg from the reistance. So without cards nor a command level Scourge can expect having initiative for the rest of the game.

It stands 6-5 to the resistance but next turn they do not have any searches and without the commander they are suffering for holding focal points. Of which there are 2 right now.

Turn 4 was an equalizer. Reapers survived the shooting from the resistance but they succeeded in decreasing hunters on the table.

Resistance will have a challenge with the focal points but have 2 searches this turn and scourge will have none.

Turn 5 Last resistance Mehmed died. One extra focal point arrived so you can add your points to two focal points. Both on the Resistance-controlled area but without a commander they will have a hard time holding them.

8-8 scourge have 1 points of searches and none for the resistance. And 3 focal points to fight over. If the scourge commander survives they can win. So it is still a close game.

Last turn the scourge secured all three focal points. And resistance contested.

End result was 15-11 To the scourge.

The resistance was stopping the Scourge searches very effectively but couldn’t get the searchers on the opponent’s side of the table. All in all they demoed down 5 possible searches but didn’t have good chances to enter the opponent’s side of the table to find those intels.

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