Announcement from hawk on Friday 2017-07-21

So according t their facebook page Hawk Wargames will announce something for DZC at the end of this week. Wonder what i can be?

There is several things that it can be. As well as several things we haven’t thought about.

  1. Phase 3. This is my first thought. It could be really cool and I know Hawk have wanted to get it out this year but this is a bit early.
  2. A new wave of miniatures. There have been several new minis out as well as teased commanders. This could be very logical to get out and could very well be the announcement. We have the fauna as well. I think this is the most logical one.
  3. A new book that summerize everything. Dave expressed a vague idea that 3 books is all that on can expect a person to bring for a game. It could be very logical to get a summary book out before any further expansion.
  4. A new rule. Could be a new core mechanic. This is just an idea but I think that in any longer terms Hawk will make sure that medium infantry dropships get a bonus. Or the infantry themselves. This is logical in the sense that we are seeing infantry art coming out.
  5. Mission pack. Could be an idea.
  6. New tournament pack. Now we are getting a little on the low end. I don’t think that an “announcement” is needed for this. But could be.
  7. A new edition. I don’t think so. But it would be great fun.

Anything I missed? What do you think it could be?

2 Responses to Announcement from hawk on Friday 2017-07-21

  1. Personally I would like a change to drop ships. That allows any Dropship to transport any unit… But hey that’s just me and I suck

    • While there are no stupid hopes I do think that one has low chances.

      So you don’t suck 😀