Infantry, is the +1 needed?

As I make my lists me, and many like me, think in terms of the infantry of 1 squad for every 500points +1 squad. That is for 1000 points battle I take 3 squads, for 1500 points I take 4 and for 2000 points I take 5. But Dropzone Commander is a versatile game that gives you options in choosing army that can open up new interesting tactical options. I thought to take a look especially in the options you have to decrease your infantry.



So at 1500 points there is usually 4 squads of infantry. Shaltari being a exception as their gates makes their infantry much better and Resistance with the average coming up to 5 or 6 squads (3 squads in a lifthawk, 2 squads in buss’ and a squad of bikes). But the general idea for the rest (which now sounds stupid as we just said the +1 rule doesn’t apply to 40% of the armies in the game) is that 4 is the mainstream. Decreasing infantry means you have more points for killing stuff which in DZC can be very important to tip the balance with Kill points giving bonus VP as long as you win the mission. You can also choose cheaper infantry to save points. But I thought about the idea to remove a infantry squad.

Basically you can replace the infantry with three types of tactical edges (shift towards another type of tactics might be a better term); Killy stuff, flame ability or support.

Killy stuff

As it says you basically remove one squad of infantry to get in som extra AT power in your army. The purpose of this is to stop the opponent to get hands on your infantry and have more resources to stop enemy infantry. For instance some extra drive on Demo to stop the opponent to get that second turn objective on their side. Or a squad of heavies that flies straight for the enemy to get a good activation that will stop the enemy in it’s tracks. The point being to have more firepower than the enemy.

Flame ability

Kind of basic as well. Instead of having a squad of infantry you instead take something that is clearly intended to take the enemy infantry out. The problem with flame weapons are that many are hard to use. Some, like the Screamer add both a CQB boosting ability with some flame. But many times flame weapons at best gives you the ability to move away from a CQB expert of infantry to a basic infantry to save some points. It can be a valid choice in some cases, like the UCM flame tanks, you also add a flexible ability to stop enemy infantry from entering a certain building and being able to hold focal points as well as critical locations.


This is very hard to define. I take into account everything not from the other 2 categories. A better AA squad to kill enemy transports or some fast movers for that job? An extra scout squad to give your more expensive infantry a chance to find an objective faster? Or perhaps the ability to upgrade one of your other infantry to a exotic infantry?

Overall I think it is valid. Having three squads of infantry in a 1500 points is a nice challenge and it is very possible to have 3 and get away with it. Shaltari does it on a regular base, Scourge can compensate with Flame and a Worm shooter, PHR hates their expensive standard infantry and have drones and some infantry that are kind of Killy as well for some dual roles, Resistance can get more Killy stuff and UCM a fast mover.

On the other hand having 5 infantry is not a bad idea as well. UCM have the best ability here with cheapest infantry. The Scourge can get some shooty infantry as well right off the bat with the Warriors, PHR can use a Medusa instead of another AT unit, Resistance can have up to 6 without anything looking strange. The hardest to play with 5 infantry would be the Shaltari as they already have their flexibility at 3.

So yeah, the +1 can be ignored. As it should be possible in a good balanced game.


3 Responses to Infantry, is the +1 needed?

  1. It’s fun to change up your strategy by adding more support or killy stuff. I think the easiest option is to take the extra infantry.

  2. With Shaltari, though, they now have Pungari, which are actually pretty good. They’re hard to remove from a building, and while they’re nearsighted and can’t shoot so well, the sheer number of dice they put out can make up for that. With getting a bonus to search for objectives, they feel more like 1.5 squads of regular Troops.

    I’ve run with only 3 squads of Infantry with my PHR before, but I was using Mercury Drones to compensate for the lack of a 4th squad. This was generally before Valkyries came out, though, so not so sure I’d do it, but maybe…

    With UCM I’ve gone Infantry light before, too, and added more drive on Demo. But that gets boring, as you’d say… 8^P

    • Interesting to see you having tested fewer infantry with the ucm. I have a theory they are the strongest faction to have more infantry as their basic infantry are dirt cheap with the small transport.

      I do agree on both the shaltari. As well that you can play with fewer infantry for the phr as long as one compensate with things like the drones.