Some work in progress

So I finally have come to a conclusion that I want to build a table. It is still in the early stages but I thought to show some of my progress.

I have earlier discussed the problem with my old table here; and that is something I have considered. I also have included some thinking from my posts about trees. and the placement of buildings.


As you can see I have thought about the layout a bit. The old table had a problem that in most scenarios the buildings had to be placed on the roads to fit. This time around the 2 sheets of table I will be using are perfect and can be in any direction. 20170618_203608

Having them also vertical or horizontal doesn’t matter. I have marked roughly where the key mission buildings tend to be placed. And then I tested in all directions of the 2 sheets and found that in absolute most missions this will work just fine. I can then vary a bit of the set-up to keep things feeling fresh though it will be less roads than on hawk’s paper terrain. That is fine for me and makes me able to vary it.

I have decided to use the Blotz buildings this time around. Mostly at least. I have some Darkops buildings I can use but have another plan for their main sortiment. Blotz are somewhat lacking in details in some areas (it is a bit unfair to state that as they do have details but I just think they are better suited with a overgrown theme.

After deciding the roads and places I can place buildings I decided to do some test area terrain pieces (just the base) and found it to be ok. There is a risk of to much colours but I will do this and then I can learn from there. The old table was a bit to dark. This table will be lighter with a dark grey base but quickly coming up in lighter grey (as well as some red and yellow). Almost all will be flocked in autumn colours. I will do the wire trees myself and some “standard 10mm” trees will be used for areas that are not wild grown but instead represent planted trees that are intended along the roads. I also have some light posts I will use and have ordered the N-scale cars from China that gives excellent scattered terrain.

I will not have any real level. I will but sand rather heavily on the normal areas and very lightly on the roads and areas of water (water will have no official effect but I like the water effect and thought it could come handy) which will give an appearance of raised sidewalks but not really be raised when you place your models.

The test tree I am currently doing is looking a bit like this;


It will get red, green and yellow foilage after painted generally grey. It will give some colours. I will place it on a single round base and then I can play around with that base a little more. Perhaps some dead infantry, overgrown lightposts or other details. This means that the area terrain piece will be rather simple and the bases with trees (where you do not place models) can have more of a “lively base”.

The buildings will be simple and colour will come from the flock. Take a look at my first test below. It is kind of ok. I have since added some details but not much. I want it basic and quick.


Generally I feel satisfied of this. I think it can work out great and this time I know I can at least use the table to satisfaction instead of feeling irritated of it being to dark or the buildings being in the wrong place e t c.

Or should I just quit and give up?


2 Responses to Some work in progress

  1. I like the Blotz buildings for the extreme overgrowth look. I was inspired by: ED-209b’s table which you’ve seen before and posted about. ( Ever look into sprucing up some of their buildings with bitz or recasting your own roofs to make the buildings a tad bit more unique?

    Canals or River for the water idea? and will the roads be modular or built in the table (I regret building my roads in the table as it causes only a few ways to setup the board).

    Blotz Overpass is extremely fragile and breaks frequently if you keep it modular. However – I envy their Parking Garage piece – I need to pick them up when I can. They’re awesome.

    Anyway – my table you may have come across before: I just finished a few days ago and setup for some pictures.

    Keep us updated on the trees! I want some for my table.

    • I need to revise my painting of the trunk of the tree. I will go for a brown base instead of the grey tone I used now. It kind of looks so-so. So first attempt is a good lesson. This is my main source for this tree though I will go for a more sci-fi feel.

      Regarding your table I think it is amazingly nice. While I do agree regarding the other table you are comparing yourself to (which is insane) you should also consider the different style you are looking at. Yours is more of a battlefield. The other table is more just abandoned. Though “just” is a bit bad term for that table. But it also count for you as well. You should be proud and just suck all positive feedback and envy of your skilll into your soul – you deserve it.

      I think your table is one of the absolute best I’ve seen and it is very inspirational. I could never go there and that is why I will go for the more “colours!” look with stronger highlights and less dirt.

      It is a good thing to note the habit of Blotz’s overpasses breaking. I have some as well and they do tend to break.