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I though to take up my favorite terrain posts on Hawk wargames forum. Now most people have seen these several times but there are several reasons to make a note of them over and over again. After some points of why I think terrain makes the game better I will go through (some) my favorites of the terrain posts at Hawk wargames’ forum.

Entire table.
Entire table of one of Dark ops tables. Really nice.

First. The terrain is the main think that looks really cool with DZC. In contrast to games with larger miniatures it gives more the feeling of playing over a city. You use the terrain and attack with it as well as use it to hide and move between cover to cover while aiming to draw reactive fire out. In short the terrain in DZC is awesome. It is, however lacking in the area of terrain that is not buildings. Not in the rules – area terrain – check, small rubble – check, soft cover – check, walker moves over small rubble – check and so on – but in the way it is used. The paper terrain we have makes us kind of spoiled with it and at least we use other terrain rather sparsely and when we do we use “other types of buildings”.

But using small rubble that gives soft cover here and there really breaks it up. Those skimmers being hit on 6:s? Really nice. The Sabres and Rapiers getting cover but can see over the terrain without an issue? Really nice. small rubble might make a resistance player consider the Alexander instead of the Thunderstorm sometimes.

All in all DZC is a game of terrain possibility. With the dropships you can play with areas that are harder to reach as dropships can get there fairly easy. You are not so restricted in DZC as other games. So at the same time as you can do more with the terrain you are also not as obstructed as you can just move past it. No other “mass unit game” has a much potential when it comes to the type of terrain. Infinity use layers but there the amount of models are fewer.

Hawk’s forum (terrain segment):

First up is GcFlash’s amazing cut paper terrain. It early shows the potential of just different heights and then just escalates into madness of awesomeness! At it moves to the third page is shows the park trees and then the insanely cool special cut paper terrain. It really adds a lot on a table. There are several suggestions on changes you can do to the current paper terrain that adds a lot more sensation to the tables. Sadly it all ended 2014 but it is absolutely one of my favorites to go back to over and over again.

Defaint_2k have a short thread but with very high potential. Check it and pray it will continue.

By far a slow starter that just became the best table I have ever seen in real life is found here. ED-209b feels like someone who just wanted to do something small and then just blow the mind away when you start to see it all coming together. The quality of the work is by far way above my ability and I just want to keep drooling.

For a cool sci-fi feeling you can work with Epix’ idea with alternative buildings. Though it seems a bit expensive it does catch a fortified army city in the future.

The city of Angels by BlackEd is another very good example of modified paper buildings and the amazing effect it gives. I especially like the larger building with a gate though it. Being able to move through and under terrain really makes it more interesting.  But checking it gives good inspiration on many levels and gives several ideas on the paper terrain.

Blotz, which does some of my favorite terrain are well shown off in Pupitbacksters thread. These buildings are well good alone but together with added details it really increase the level of the terrain.

stevefamine are doing an amazing thing with terrain as well. A really cool effect of weathered terrain and really really nice looking. Check it out and drool.

 If you want to make nice looking ruins as well as low ruins you should go through Engel’s thread as well. In the end you also see some cool painted trucks that we use as scattered terrain as well.

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