All silent on the DZC front

So I am getting a bit more games in. Swedish Search 3.0 is now officially Search and Secure, I have tested famous commanders (which are really cool) and have tested a J.D mission where focal points moves 12″ away from the player that held the focal point in turn 2, 4 and 6. I’m no where at a tournament level in skill but got some gaming spirit back. I look forward to a Invasion in the fall and have started to blog again.

So lets whine a bit shall we?


The main reason I want to whine is that basically each time I have done so something have gotten out a few days later (regular readers know I’m not usually complaining and those one or two posts I have ever sounded like a whiner are far away in time). I complained at Shaltari and they got nerfed – thrice. I complained at Hawks silent treatment and they released new waves. I complained at no communication and we got the Dropfleet kickstarter.

So bitchin’ it is.

All silent on the DZC front. I take a look at the Hawk forum and it just feels silent. I haven’t played Dropfleet. Got the stuff but haven’t opened and sadly need to recognize that I can only have one game to play. But I now feel I can get in games. So each time I go into Hawk’s forum and click “View new posts” I get crap loads of DFC posts. Fun for those who plays that but I just stop. I have for a while understood that some posts are DZC but since I don’t see it on the forum directly I just click, glance at the screen and then close the window.

We also had a nice little forewarning of new miniatures from Natfka’s amazing blog; Let me note the important bits:

  • First three famous commanders in March and the other three in April.
  • In April the fauna packs should come.
  • Phase 3 in August.

My opinion? STOP WORKING WITH STUFF YOU CANT GET OUT IN TIME! You do not have to have a “wave” with commanders. Just finish them and release one each month. We don’t need the silent treatment for several months and then explode with miniatures. We need a steady stream on releases. Phase 2 had lots of cool Fauna missions and several are really cool. But without the actual fauna it looses momentum. Phase three is also very cool but it should be the same time as the other two waves of commanders, a new UCM flyer, PHR heavy Gun-transport-thingy and more. They should be in a steady stream of releases.

Another good example; One of the best pages of wargaming on the net have 78 days between posts of DZC. That sucks.

Stefan Emailed Hawk a few days ago and got answer within a day so they are up to speed there at least. But we need more information and I have gotten the nagging thought that they are sitting with lots of stuff they could release but are working on so much they can’t get it out.

And now a competitor – a heavy one – is on the table in June. 8th ed 40k. The hype for this game have been insane and I will start to play it myself – just to get some more gaming time. Remember what I wrote above? that I can only keep one game up to speed? Yeah, this is the danger now. It is very bad for the silent treatment right now. They need to show stuff is happening and get out a few releases. Problem is that I think they will release lots at one time. If lots are finished – slow down and still only release them slow and steady.

So with this I’m basically hoping a trend of my whining and then getting shut up by Hawk a few days will continue.

So, Hawk. My but is open and ready for the smacking! Show me what you got!

5 Responses to All silent on the DZC front

  1. I believe you misspelled “butt as but” 😉 let us hope your whining works.

  2. I’m sort of in the same boat. Probably starting 40k back up soon, haven’t played since 4th/5th edition, Allies and rules bloat as well as GW withdrawing from the tournament scene killed it for me but its looking like 8th may be fixing many overall issues. I don’t play many games, so Dropzone became my main game when I left 40k.

    I haven’t played DZC since I moved a year ago. Got my DFC pledge about 3 months after retail launch, put together some models but haven’t actually played a game and the ships are just sitting in a pile/box. Hawks games are on life support for now, which is sad because I used to be very enthusiastic about their systems. The combination of moving across country (hard to find a new gaming group) and the kickstarter shipping fiasco really sucked all the interest out, hopefully someday I’ll get back into it.

    • Yeah it is hard without players. As a new one in a area it is also a bit more difficult to start something up. Still, for me dzc will still be superior.

  3. Daoshifu says:

    I have already sold my DZC. The lack of support that was blamed on the DFC kickstarter but apparently continues still made me drop the game completely. DZC in my opinion doesn’t show enough versatility (i played shaltari) in list building and i was genuinely bored. Couple that with the lack of new models, Hawk’s PR silence, and the lack of support in general and poof my shaltari is gone. I switched to Guild ball. I know its a completely different genre but it scratches all my gaming itches and is insanely fun. Oh and the company spews out new models, factions and news every week or so. Also it doesnt look like they will be releasing a new game half way through the process of developing the old one.
    Sad but im leaving DZC for good.

    • It is tough to keep the spirit up when it feels like that. But I still think dzc is way superior to other games out there. It is just harder to get new players with lack of information.