Search 3.0 the mission

So today I wanted to introduce the new and ready tested Swedish Search 3.0. We have have had several players testing and all have come to the same conclusion; it is a fun and competitive game. But of course, we need more feedback.


So first the mission:

Swedish Search 3.0

Set up:

  • Place a focal point in the center of the table. Then place terrain as you wish.
  • Place 9 markers in each table quarter. Follow the rules for “Possible objectives” in the main rulebook. Put one in each quarter’s three largest buildings. The rest six on the ground. In total that will be 36 markers placed.
  • There are 5 objectives among the 36 markers. We use a deck of cards with 31 black cards and 5 red to make it easier. If you make a mistake you can easily re-shuffle the deck instead.
  • Deployment is as Search in the main rulebook (12″ in of a corner but no direct deployment).
  • All buildings are armored.

Mission objective:

  • Focal point as normal (2VP held and 1VP contesting).
  • Holding a objective that can not be moved or has been damaged at the end of the game: 1VP each.
  • Holding a objective that can be moved and has not been damaged at the end of the game: 2VP each.
  • Flipping most markers at the end of the game: 1VP.

Special rules:

Flipping possible objective markers

Markers are flipped at the start of the turn, directly after the initiative roll. The player that has initiative choose one marker the player has a unit on and flip. Then the other player and so on. A player stops flipping markers when the player either have no more units on a marker or that player have found an objective. The other player may then continue to flip until that player also fulfill one of those two conditions.

If a player finds an objective that player will not flip more markers this turn and further more will have to remove the rest of the markers the player currently have units on. These markers are discarded and the player will have to find new markers for the next turn. Note that this doesn’t stop the other player from flipping.

The players will need to keep track of flipped markers. We use cards for this and save the cards. A marker removed because the player hav found an objective does not count as a flipped marker.


  • There are 5 objectives.
  • Objectives in this mission can not be taken off the table.
  • Objective starts undamaged but becomes damaged if the unit carrying the objective dies. It can only be destroyed by the normal rules.
  • Until prepared the objective can not be moved.

Preparing found objective

  • A unit can pick up a objective as normal but may not move with it until it is prepared.
  • A unit must start and end the Turn on a objective to prepare it. If the unit dies another unit need to start and end a new turn on the objective to prepare it. The objective also becomes damaged if a unit dies while preparing it. A unit that flipped a marker and found a objective counts having started on the objective this turn.
  • A unit preparing a objective on the ground may not move or shoot.
  • Infantry preparing an objective inside a building may act completely normal within the building (the only restriction is that they can not move out of this building). So infantry can man walls, shoot, fight CQB and more as normal within the building.
  • When prepared and possible to move the objective acts as a normal objective but can not still be taken off the table.

Notes from me:

  • This mission gives a very good competitive spirit that I feel is the purpose with the normal Search in the rulebook.
  • We have tested it 4 times and found it to be very balanced and competitive.
  • Now a player that finds many objectives will extremely likely miss the bonus point for lipped markers and markers disappear very fast even if you find a objective on turn 2 so it is very unlikely that you will find many objectives in your own deployment zone.
  • Also since the players takes turn in flipping it put a slight tactical idea into which markers you should flip first.
  • The players need to keep moving a lot and many times sacrifice shooting and instead opting for moving. So it becomes a objective mission instead of being a “killing mission”.
  • As all Search variants have had some lower excitement in the last turns where there are fewer objectives and markers we found that the focal point really brings it all together for a very intense fight.
  • We have kept the slower handling of objectives (preparing the objective) while adding the part that the objectives can not be moved off the table. So fast movers are much better in this mission. Because even if you just damage a objective and the opponent will surely take the objective with another unit it still becomes damaged and the opponent will thus loose a VP.
  • Armored buildings and the rules that infantry can prepare and still fight makes infantry very fun to use. We haven’t seen much CQB and as finding all objectives can earliest be done in turn 4 we have found that even if you have a demo-army you still have a problem as demo armies have it much tougher turn 3-6 than in turn 1-2 as they have to choose between buildings and enemy. Walk on armies are also very slow which makes them loose momentum.
  • The rules that the player that flips most markers get a bonus point is to counter that one player still find many objectives, that player have then most likely been forced to discard markers instead of flipping. This bonus also means a player can decide to place the units on markers even after all objective have been found to get a bigger advantage. Thus the markers have a purpose even after the objectives have ben found.

So in short; we love it. Expect it on regular basis on Swedish tournaments. I also recommend you to test it. The only drawback we see is that it is a bit heavy on the rules. I also hope people see that we really have hard tested several Search variants and that we have put together that experience into this mission.





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  1. I am looking forward to test the revised version once back in Gothenburg.