Pep Talk! 2300points Swedish search 3.0 tomorrow!

Finally a game! Tomorrow I will be going 3 hours by car to get a game in with Jens. As he is always proactive he has already set the table. Take a look. Also we are going to a first test of Swedish Search 3.0 at the same time. Yay!

170412 Swedish search 3.0 

So Swedish search 3.0.

Use objectives and amount of possible objectives as normal from the Rulebook “Search”. Also place a focal point in the center of the table.

Markers are “flipped” in a special way in this mission. Markers are not turned when moving over them. Instead they are flipped at the very start of the turn. The player with the initiative flips a single marker first that one of his ground units stands on (or occupying infantry in a building). Then the other player as well. A player stops flipping this turn whenever the player have found a objective OR have no units standing on markers anymore. If one player find a objective the other player can flip until that player either find an objective or have no markers underneath anymore. If a player finds a objective this turn the last of the markers underneath his units are removed (not flipped – removed). This makes it more interesting as the players do not know how many points the game will have (the focal point in the center compensate for this).

The objectives must be prepared to be moved. To prepare a objective a unit need to start and end the turn over the objective (it must be the same unit starting and ending over the objective). The unit may not attack either. Infantry must start and end as occupier in the building but infantry MAY attack and man walls e t c (just note which unit is preparing the objective). This keeps the infantry game alive and flame weapons more effective.

When a objective have been found it can be moved normally. However OBJECTIVES MAY NOT LEAVE THE TABLE. This makes Fast movers a more interesting choice.

If a unit carrying a objective is destroyed while either carrying or preparing a objective (or the transport that the unit sits in is destroyed) it is considered damaged. No matter how many times a objective’s carrier dies it is only “damaged” and can not be destroyed this way. It can only be destroyed by the normal objective rules (normally a building collapsing or a flying transport is destroyed in the air).


Focal point as normal.
Preparing an objective: 1VP
Holding a damaged objective at the end of the game: 1 VP.
Holding an undamaged objective at the end of the game: 2VP.
Having flipped the most markers: 1VP.

All buildings are armored.


This is another attempt to use the extremely fun “Possible objectives” and while we have had Search 2.0 to success we wanted to test this. It combines the slower flipping we found so much improving in 2.0 and also limit the amount of markers you can flip if you find objective.

The possible objectives are a remnant from when the idea of DZC was not 40k. Since then we have gotten a much stronger domination of “drive on demolish” and “hold static ground” which is basically 40k. Objectives, Intel, Encroachment and Possible objectives have taken a secondary role in DZC and this is another attempt to get the Search mission more valid. In it’s basic form it is horrible. In Search 2.0 it was much better and a valid tournament mission (in 2.0 you basically had to spend a units whole turn inactive to move objectives which is a good way to make sure the opponent can act but it still meant that one playr could find several objectives in one turn). Targets of opportunities or military complex is actually more random than Swedish search 2.0.

But now we are at 3.0. Objectives can not be removed from the table. A player can only find a single objective each turn and has a harder time flipping markers if he find an objective. The focal point compensate for any points lost in markers just being removed. Overall I think this is another improvement and another step towards making it a valid tournament mission.

I’m a bit sick and tired of the focal points and the (although better in limited numbers) critical locations. This will mix it up.


Have I said that the last Swedish champ was the only one in the world where you had Objectives, possible objectives, hold ground, Focal points and recon as “pure” mission but no mission had the same type of objectives as another mission? The possibility for variation are really good like this.


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