1999 points famous commanders played

So we played a 1999 points battle Scourge Vs Resistance with Famous commander. Salakhan and The Dinosaur.

I have found that adding some variation to the normal “Tournament game”-routine we kind of have gotten stuck in really adds a lot for me right now. I can’t get in the games I want so when we do play we do it much less serious. This might mean I can’t compete in next invasion (though I plan to attend and play) for the win but it keeps me playing.

170212 1

The game was a 1999 points battle with a 6’x4x table. The mission was Command and Control but with 5 objectives. It worked really well. I don’t really plan to give you an idea but we used both Famour commanders and it worked well – at this level we didn’t consider any of them “over the top” but if you do not have the mind set for a little less serious game I can see the issue with them.

But now it was a fun and tense game. With 5 objectives along the center line we really had our mission full of things. I’m thinking that the normal command and control could work with only giving points turn 4, 5 and 6 and instead add another objective along the center line. It gets crowded, messy and fun as hell.

Of course in this mission we both held our critical locations until the last turn where Stefan got mine. I had the earlier turn moved my special character ahead from the critical location for a last turn claim of Stefan’s critical location. It didn’t work and Stefan instead got mine in the last turn. Damn! Those Krakens are really fast when it comes down to it.

170212 2

According to facebook I painted Dino white so we know who he is. In truth I had just taken everything I had which was packed the Swedish way;

170212 3

I have found I have very little time preparing for games which is most often a time saver. Oh well. I will eventually get there. At least I’m blogging.

For the 5 objectives it went like this;

Furthest to the left: I enter with a warrior squad. Stefan did a really nice job of focusing his infantry on one side and destroying buildings on the other. That warrior squad got a building coming down on them. You know the Demo-tanks with Hannibal hulls? yeah  they seem do be doing alright in destroying buildings.

Second furthest to the left: I enter with warriors and after two attempts fail to find the objectives. The building comes down on them. At least they got to shoot first. They did nothing but they got to shoot at least.

Center building; Exciting as hell. Destroyers enter there and Stefan enter with 6 infantry bases. I enter with worms and in the end we have one Base of Destroyers with an objective at 1 DP left and 2 DP on one worm base. Enter demo army. The fight had then gotten so far so Stefan couldn’t get the building down but he shot and eventually got the building cleared. Then he entered with infantry. He picked the objective up, survived some shots to the building (it was down to only a few DP now) and with next initiative roll I can take the first turn and sink the building. And I have Dino and he makes me re-roll.

Stefan wins (of course) and also have a monorail card so he ditches to the next building. And loose the infantry to the falling masonry as the new building isn’t a objective building so it doesn’t have armour 8 but 6. But Stefan have a single base (damaged) of Freeriders left that survived the shooting from the Monitors. It enters. I have perhaps three shots at E9. They die epically at the hands of the last shot.

The building next furthermost to the right and the building at the right: Stefan entered with Berzerkers in the building closes tot the center. And I had counters with the classical 6 hunters and Despoiler and several things falls down in their head. I enter the furthest right building instead with a squad of destroyers and infantry. Stefan realize he will either stay in the building and let my units destroy the building and his stupid fast heavy transport. So he jumps over to my building in the beginning of next turn when he could not find the objectives. But I find the objective with my infantry and jumps into their transport and tries to run away. My destroyer jumps into the building Stefan just ditched to escape the CQB as well to get to search.

At the end of the turn Stefan moves forward towards my small transport with his Lifthawks. He wins initiative next turn and shoots it down. Both units inside are destroyed in the crash. Rats! He also smartly position his light dropship/Lifthawk so he get berserkers into the building. Next turn he jumps out with the infantry and jumps back in again.

But the destroyers also find their objective and get in the dropship and gets away. They get shot at from several sources but gives the objective to the Reapers for an easy escape (though it was much more tense than it sounds).

In the end Stefan gets 6VP from the critical location and one from the objective the Berserkers hold. I get 4 from t critical location and have one objective off table.

It ends 7-6 to the Resistance. But damn it was close. For the Commanders we didn’t really feel their special ability so much. Sure Stefan had hannibals as standard tanks but it really didn’t do so much. So I have no issues playing with them again as long as I’m prepared for them. Also larger battles help a little bit.

We are planning for larger game soon. I really look forward to it.

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  1. Angelic Despot says:

    Cool write up. I’m really pleased to see people playing with the famous commanders and more ‘non-standard’ games. I enjoy the tournaments I’ve played in – a lot – but I like the more narrative style of games too.