Old gaming table and what I should do instead

As you can see I do not have the same amount of time to blog now. With a new job, a nine monther at home and a house needing to be fixed I find myself being forced to sacrifice the blog a little bit. I’m hoping to get some time in the future. I ask for your all understanding. I haven’t stopped – but it is slower right now.

Today I just wanted to mention that I have scrapped my gaming table I build some time ago. I thought to give you the reasons to why so you can escape the same problems when you build a table.


First we have several type of tables that a gamer can have for DZC. It is good to be inspired by them. The most basic one is the paper terrain. A cheap and really good and effective gaming table cheap and with little space taking material. Take a note of a good way to place the roads. The road system is very important.


Add a few trees and a monorail and you could vary this type of table a lot. Just the paper terrain in itself is a really outstanding way to have a full gaming table with extremely little effort. I would dare saying it is the best value for a full gaming table out there. But it is a little plain and it is not like we haven’t seen it over and over and over again. Everywhere.

You could of course have a green base as a table and that is something I think many gamers have access to.


A green base will give a really cool variation to the standard table and is more fit to have at home. but it also takes much more time to build without adding that much extra. And I feel the paper terrain doesn’t really fit with it. Then I would suggest using the Blotz buildings which fits perfectly into the “overgrown” type of buildings.

I have no specific pictures on the armies. But the Orange scourge are really nice.

But those are missing roads. So I thought to make a city gaming table for DZC with actually painted roads. The result:


A teaser of my table, although only first part is finished I hope to have the rest fixes within two weeks.

wpid-20150124_165029.jpg wpid-20150124_165007.jpg wpid-20150124_115244.jpg


Overall I am kind of happy with it and I learned a lot by doing it. But there are some issues;

  1. I used a height difference of some 3-4mm between roads and normal ground. That means that some models (dropships) have some issues standing in some locations.
  2. I didn’t plan the roads well enough. I have a main road in the center of the table in a way that makes many missions unplayable unless you place the buildings partly on the road. Same problem with the stream I did. It just is in the way.
  3. I used too dark colours for the table. I should have done the table up to almost light grey.
  4. The flock I used while adding colours doesn’t fit into the table.

On the other side I have som stuff I felt worked really well;

  1. The table is unique. I have come to realize that in my home I want a table being portable but still special in this world where most of us are using the paper terrain only.
  2. The roads are pretty good. I painted them with spray and a cut out from paper. It worked well and are one of the things making the table stick out.
  3. The Blotz buildings have the most potential for me. Our Japaneese Kato buildings are to clean to use on such a table and too expensive to dirty down with my low end skill. The dark ops buildings are also better for cities that haven’t fallen. I e more of a clean city.

So I will start over soon (you know, “someday”) with the experience I have now. If you have any good links to cool tables show them below. As a last thing I show you the best table I have seen so far from Invasion.

The best looking table I have seen 2.



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  1. Welcome back. Thanks for the post. I was getting worried about you, but didn’t want to bug you. 😛

    There’s a fantastic table on the forum if you haven’t seen it already, by stevefamine. Far more work than I could invest in a table, but it seems like he banged it out pretty quickly. (Must not have kids…) 😛