Civilian Vehicles!

I think that something from the Hawk Wargames production that haven’t got the right attention is the Civilian Vehicle pack. It’s just a amazing pack with tiny cars that function as the Technicals for the Resistance and trucks and buses. They are so different and fun to paint! In this blog post me and the Swedish DzC Blog friend Jonas Eng have a go with them! I let Jonas go first…


Hello all, a small guest blog entry:

Stefan gave me his buses and trucks and asked me to pimp them up…

I cant take credits for the actual models that Stefan have done a great work with, only the graffiti on them. And I hope this will add flavor having one of these parked in a street corner or on a parking lot to the gaming table.

 20161012_131814 20161012_131755 20161012_131746 20161012_131737 20161012_131726 20161012_131720 20161012_131710 20161012_131658 20161012_131647 20161012_131643 20161012_131635 20161012_131627 20161012_131617 20161012_13160320161012_131556


And an advice for anyone wanting to try this out them self, use a large brush… 😛

Cheers/ Jonas

I think these trucks and buses went out fantastic and they are going to make the boards pop! If you want some more look in what Jonas are doing please visit his own blog, ! He is a real hobbyist and play and paint everything from historical to 40K and 10mm to 28mm.

I went on and painted the cars and the two wagons. I usually paint with dark colors with my DzC stuff so with these civilized units I wanted to try different and more bright colors. This is the result…

cars4 cars3 cars2

They are so fun to paint and I think you can use them as terrain or Focal Points or Critical Locations. If you don’t already have bought a pack please do and have some fun testing new colors and stuff!

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  1. Beautiful!

    Thanks for the post!