AAR Wexiö gaming convention

Ok so after our small tournament I wanted to add upp the small amount of data vs the missions and speculate a little about it.

I’ll make some references to the Swedish champ stat data.

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First I must mention that we still of course doesn’t have enough data to use. The amount of games are still to small but I think we can start to discuss clearer tendencies. Also, in this tournaments we couldn’t have a swiss system (everybody faced everybody…)

Mission 1. Swedish Recon

1 Draw with very close on KP. 2 Games where the winner won with both KP and VP. Though in both games the winner only got a single point from KP.

Together with the old data in the last tournament I think I am fairly certain it is a “mission”-mission and not a “killy”-mission. I e if you want a mission that focus less on killing this is a good one. the largest difference between player KP was 159KP. We had one 16-4, one 13-7 and one 10-10. So a fairly even spread. I think it is a really good version of the Recon mission. This time a roll of a 6 meant you remove the opponent marker and I strongly think it should never be removed.

Mission 2 plus version of Take and extract

With three wins The KP was all over. The winner lost KP in one game, won barely in one and massively in one. I can’t really say about this mission. We haven’t really played it before. But it is a good one to have. I like the OB version and might want to go for that one instead but with a critical location. But this is a much, much better than the normal Take an extract.

If I have to say something about the data I would say it is a good first mission as it can be all over the place in points. But I assume we will see more in the future regarding this as we play it more.

Mission 3. Swedish ground control

In all three missions the winner got an extra bonus for KP. It was kind of expected but I didn’t think it would be so close. Still – all enjoyed it But it retain my theory that these missions are more “killy”-missions.

Mission 4. Swedish search

Here we got one case where the winner lost big time in KP (well, for our tournament at least) one time the winner got a point from KP bonus and one game it went to 2 bonus KP points. One player got 4 objectives in his quarter and the opponent could not do much. He also succeeded stealing one objective from the the opponent. This time we got one of those typical challenges that Search in any form involves. One player finds much more than the opponent. The looser in this case got 2 points for flipping most markers and not finding the most objectives. The winner got off 3 objectives and held 2 at the end. But it was a fight the entire time. If the looser had held on to the one objective he found the result would have been 16-4. I guess we could add something you can only flip one objective per turn and have to wait to flip a marker with an objective in if you have already found one this turn. But then we add a lot to a mission that is very complex.

In all three cases the better placed player won this mission. It was one instance in Recon and one in Take an extract where the poorer placed player won but it was in the top three that were very close to each other (so 2 games out of 15 had results where the poorer place player won over a better placed player).

I like this mission I truly do but it still can have some discrepancies. At the same time, it didn’t have any significantly larger variation than any of the other mission. It was close to Take and extract and Hold the flanks and had less larger victories than Ground control. Recon had the least average large victory but we also had the best (in retrospect) even game if we consider the players final placement. Swedish search and Hold the flanks were the two worst missions in that regard.

I still think it is as valid as the other missions and it adds so much to Dropzone commander’s debt but I need to make it a bit simpler so it isn’t so rules heavy – experience counts for a lot in this mission.

Mission 5. Secure the flanks.

It was a little sad that all the top three players faced the lowest three in this mission as I think this screwed up the result a bit. We had one massacre (final position winner against position last) but in the other two missions the winner also lost KP. I do think this mission is a but of a “mission”-mission and we felt it like that all the way. Still – with objectives in home buildings there is always a hefty amount of luck involved. But I really like how the bunkers mix it all up. I think we can ignore bunkers for the focal points though. It would work pretty well with focal points outside of buildings and infantry count as double then if they are within 6″ an inside a building. Then you can still destroy the building. It was a little much to have the focal points in bunkers as well.

The main thing is that a single bunker in the middle add…. a freaking whole a lot. Still the Shaltari winner could get into a center building and that is always an extremely bad thing game wise. Not to mention really boring. But I’m hesitant to have any rules for that. It is something I think Hawk should adress. It could be a critical location as well in a center bunker – that would work well also. Especially if you use that set-up for normal Target’s of opportunities or Recon or whatever. A center bunker with a critical location will always mix things up, I think. Thought I’m not sure if not most mission would go from “mission”-like to “killy”-like.

that was my data. I hope to get some from Mike as well regarding their tournament and would like to investigate that as well.


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