Swedish championship AAR Egge’s review Part 1. The Mega battle

So after the Swedish championship have been over for a week it is now time to consider what have happened. Just random talks of the weekend and of what we did.

With 8 participants I later decided that it would be more fun if both me and Simon to play in the tournament. But the first day was a set-up day. The second day gathered some 14-16 demo games over the day as well as a 9 hours 3600 mega battle. Let’s start there with the mega battle. The tournament will be in part 2.


The mega battle.

This was the text I had for the mega battle:

Day of Landing

The Space is Burning

The last days have been eventful for Yggdrasil. In Space the original five Orbital stations are down to two. Hammare had been totally destroyed during Exodus+1.Kedja is held by a diminishing number of Resistance, their two leaders nowhere to be seen. Båge was destroyed even before the fifth station was originally build. Spjut is a burning wreck and the only Scourge station still fighting is Yxa but that accounts for a lot. While the Resistance succeeded with the help of the UCM forces to destroy one of the Scourge held stations, the Scourge are not willing to give up their remaining ones and is attacking in force from their boarding vessels. But none of this would not have happened if the Resistance’ bloody campaign had not been successful. The UCM have gotten enough reasons to invade Yggdrasil.

But even though they deemed it possible to take back Yggdrasil at this stage, it is a difficult task. The UCM are hard pressed to hold out against the combination of the Scourge defensive fleet and the orbital stations and so it was decided to order the lighter vessels towards atmosphere and drop cargo and to draw the enemy engagement fleet away from the planet to buy time for ground forces to dig in. Similar to the Exodus+1 several decades ago the UCM are not aiming to destroy the planet below. They intend to take it and save it. For humanity’s sake. For honor.

For revenge.


Boots on the ground

In the north the UCM have successfully been entrenched. This battle was bloody but short, the Scourge forces placed there had been undermined by the guerilla attacks from the Resistance. In the west the invading forces have been completely destroyed making sure the Scourge are still in control of the planet’s largest land mass. The Scourge didn’t even have to use their reserve forces placed on the smaller surrounding continents. This focus of power has weakened the Scourge in the center and east continent though. The UCM are winning ground but taking heavy casualties for each step taken. In the furthest east, the communication has been lost with all forces due to unknown reasons. It was not until days later that information could be collected of these battles. By then they were of course over.

The battle of Tapper

With the UCM forces trying to get foothold in the city of Tapper (named after the vessel HMS Tapper from which the original settlement was built from) the Scourge are doing everything they can to stop this. But the Scourge are spread out with only pockets of forces able to hold their ground against the massive invading human force. But it became clear very soon that the Scourge did not intended to stop the invaders. They intend to slow the UCM down until reinforcements have arrived. The problem is if the humans can get a good enough foothold that the Scourge relief force will have a problem digging the enemy out.


The story in pictures:

Not many really (well…no one actually but me) cared but I like it and it have become a part of the unofficial DZC story of Yggdrasil. Below are the images and some comments of the battle. Click on the first picture to make it bigger and then you see the description I wrote below as well where you can click for next pic.

In the end the Scourge dominated the markers to flip and the objectives but hadn’t been aggressive enough to contest the three focal points left. It ended 9-9 in VP with the 6 points the UCM got from the last three surviving focal points. My main function was to inform the players of their choices and let them make their mistakes by themselves. I stopped them with some pointers if they were doing something disastrous. Both sides had fast movers but I didn’t let anyone make a intercept – easier that way. With the exception of the bomb run that destroyed a building with maximum damage none of the FM made any real impressions.

Overall I felt it was a success. Some grumbling came from the players that it took so long. I don’t know whats so hard to understand about “ten hour game” and instead hear “it will take one hour…two, tops”. I removed a lot of possibility for decision between activation. Each of the three players had 2 battlegroups of about 600points in each battlegroup. All players had HQ, Standard (ish), AA, Dropships and infantry. Each player could only activate once until all three players in the team had activated again and the second battlegroup could only be activated if the other two players also had made their activations first. This kept the decision simpler for the players as I randomized which player was allowed to choose one of their two battlegroups. It also removed the possibility to change your decision on what to activate the last three activation per side as they didn’t have a choice but to activate their last battlegroup.

The results

Today Scourge held out. A draw meant that the UCM could not get the foothold they needed and they had to slowly fall back. Also the relief force arriving a few days later found the Scourge still hunting resistance fighters and a prepared Scourge force to receive them. the following battle was epic and vital for the entire campaign and ended a loss to…well – that is another story.

A lot of people came to watch and I think Jen’s terrain really stood out and many got really good impressions of the game this day. I like to think that the terrain and the table is really nice. During the Day Jens and Stefan held some 10-14 demo games as well and we were really tired at the end. I didn’t even hold one demo game and so I would say both Stefan and Jens really did great and helped a lot. Several people was talking to Simon about the game and just showing people that Hawk was there really meant a lot for the Swedish DZC players. The stories will be told. I call this a success while still there are things I need to learn.

Let me know what you think. Tell me about your mega battles and what kind of set-ups you do in such case so I can steal your ideas. I also would like to get your impressions if a mega battle is the way to go with some smaller demo games on the sides or if it is better with only demo games?

The second part comes in a week with many more pictures.

This gallery contains 1 photographs in all as   photograph etc.

6 Responses to Swedish championship AAR Egge’s review Part 1. The Mega battle

  1. Amon Abbath says:

    The attachments are not working unfortunately.

    • Erik Robertsson says:

      I had to change the settings to something I don’t think work as well. But now you should be able to click in. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  3. Angelic Despot says:

    It looks amazing! I would love to take part in a mega game and I wish people did them more often. My instinct is that they’re a good way to demo a game because they look so sweeping and epic and you can really feel the importance of movement (and dropships).

    However, I think the rules aren’t really designed for larger games, and activating alternating battlegroups actually makes the game much slower for multiple players because you can’t have everyone on one side go at the same time. As long as the players understand that the game will take a long time, and will be slower paced than usual, I think that’s fine. But perhaps a game this size is actually difficult to introduce new players. But it sounds like you were getting people to play smaller demo games (this is good) and just watch the spectacle of this mega game (which is also good).

    How was the river made, by the way? The table looks stunning, but the river is particularly good.

    • Erik Robertsson says:

      I’ll see if I can get a tutorial on the lake. Thanks for the feedback. I think the game works rather well in larger games as long as you keep down the amount of activations per side.

      The main idea was to have a big battle where people would go in and say “wow” and then have them test the game on the smaller demo games. I think it worked well.