Sweden’s championship is officially over

So now we have a new Champion! 10 Participants fought hard and well. But in the end the best swede in the world is Hawk’s own Swedish Simon who will soon take the trophy to Britain where it apparently belongs…



Thank you for all the games and attendees for such a great time! I will of course put up more information as well some reports and pictures.  The missions;


Swedish Recon – I consider this the best way. My opponet found 4 objectives turn 2 and I won because he left the table and so I could search more. The average win was 13,8 points. In 50% of the time the winner also had most KP. Besides 1 draw in the rest 4 games the player with the better ending placement won the game.

Swedish Search – I still love it! It was popular among the swedes but Simon got that type of game where the objectives is just off. It’s like playing targets of opportunities against a noob with an all walk on demo army who can destroy 50 DP per turn from a building (not really the best introduction)… Here the average win was at 14,6 points. In 40% of the games the winner had the most KP. The better final placer won in 4 out of 5 games.

Swedish Ground control – An interesting game with a lot more spread of points than we expected. Average points was 14,6 for win. In 75% of the games the winner had the most KP. The better placed player won in all games besides a draw.

Targets of opportunities. Very standard. Here Simon took off and just crushed the swedes. We were crying as his evil laughter echoed in the halls in victory. Average win was 12,8 points. Besides one draw the winner had most KP in 1 game. The better placed player won in 3 out of 4 non draws.

Bunker assault – Also very standard. We allow people to shoot out but can the be shot at so the Infantry have more fun in this game. Average win was 16,4 points. The winner had most KP in all games. The better placed player won in all 5 games.


So I will consider what all this means later…but for the moment this is all I got.

Oh I got second with this list, Simon dodged me all the way. With this list you know he would have lost;

Best Scourge list in the world!
Standard Roster [1493/1500 pts]

Actually good (Oppressors) [380 pts]
Oppressor: Oppressor(Overlord), Harbinger [320 pts]
Prowlers: 4x Prowler, Intruder Beta [60 pts]

Kind of good (Vanguard) [341 pts]
Stalkers: 3x Stalker, Harbinger(+Mini Arc Caster) [151 pts]
Ravagers: 3x Ravager, Harbinger(+Mini Arc Caster) [190 pts]

Small transport suck = true! (Warriors) [237 pts]
Warrior Horde: 3x Warriors, Marauder, 2x Invader [156 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Warrior Horde: 3x Warriors [81 pts]

Because we all know they are the best! (Warriors) [124 pts]
Aged Ones: 2x Aged Ones, Intruder Alpha [124 pts]

Floff – you’re dead. When it doesn’t matter (Invasion Host) [291 pts]
Tormentor Squad: 2x Tormentor, Marauder [141 pts]
Annihilator: Annihilator [150 pts]

Pew pew we never miss! (Attack Swarm) [120 pts]
Corsairs: Corsair [60 pts]
Corsairs: Corsair [60 pts]

5 Responses to Sweden’s championship is officially over

  1. Peter Simcic says:

    So cool! 😀

  2. Patrik Wenner says:

    Nice list! Looks like you really looked for thwe most competetive units and spammed them 😉

  3. Jens Bäckman says:

    The problem with you Egge is that regardless of the units you play with you still play well and kick my ass. Damn you!

    • Erik Robertsson says:

      Stop rolling so damn well so you have to compensate with other means!

  4. Thunderboy says:

    Those names in your list are too funny :’D