After action report. One day tournament in Gothenburg

Last Saturday we had a one day 1500pts tournament in Gothenburg. It was held by Jens and as one who won’t let the opportunity to play in a tournament that I don’t hold myself away me, Stefan and Björn attended. Scourge (best list “evaaa”), Resistance (what do you know – a Thunderstorm!?) and Scourge (descent lista actually). It also was part of an ongoing start-up campaign so the opponents in all three games had already been set.

This is my short report.


2014-03-16 Not there yet

The missions

Jens had decided to test out the three main strange missions we gong to have at the Swedish Championship. Swedish Recon 2.0, Swedish search and Ground control. I thought to give some ideas of my opinions now we have tested them in a tournament setting.

Swedish Recon 2.0

Like normal Recon but that
0= no point and it is also a bomb.
1= 1 point and it is also a bomb.
2-5. 1 point.
6. Objective with normal rules.

In all rolls the opponent’s marker stays. A bomb is doing D2 damage on the infantry with no save possible.

In retrospect I think we will go with that you get a point on the roll of a 0 as well. To keep it simple. The mission worked great! And I happily consider it the best recon out there. Finding an objective and decide to get it off or not is challenging and exciting but you still need to protect the same building with your army as the opponent can search it still.

Swedish Search 2.0

As a heavily modified search we have found this to be the best version out there. The markers are spread as on normal Search and the rules for flipping is the same (center of your model moves over the marker or infantry starts their activation inside a building to flip) but the way to handle the objectives makes this version much more superior.

All found objectives on the ground are not possible to move until prepared. There are two ways to prepare an objective to be moved;

  1. In the open you need to have a model picking the objecitve up (by moving over it) and start and end the turn carrying the objective without moving or shooting. If broken because of some reason (usually dying or deciding to move or shoot) the entire process of preparing starts over (so next turn need to be the preparation turn).
  2. In a building an infantry unit need to start and be the occupier in the building with a marker to flip. When the marker is flipped and a objective revealed the infantry picks the objective up and must end the turn inside the building to prepare it for being moved.

Once prepared an objective acts as a normal objective for the rest of the game. If one player have prepared the objective another player does not need to prepare it.

In this mission all buildings are armour 8 as well.

The points for objectives are as normal. Holding an objective (unprepared or prepared) at the end of the game award 1VP. Getting it off table 2 VP. The player that flips most markers get 1 VP. The player that does not find most objectives gets 1 VP.

This mission works really good. There are drawbacks that people need to know;

  1. The infantry can be a bit strange. The marker is not flipped until the infantry activates and at the end of the turn the objective becomes movable. That means you can wait until the end to activate the infantry and flip the marker and find a objective. First thing next turn you can now move the objective. Still it gives advantage to infantry which I like and the player need to have his infantry a whole turn in the building.
  2. There are situations where it makes no difference between finding the next objective or not. We had a situation where we had found 2-2 objectives and there was one left. My opponent had flipped most markers and so had a point on that. But if I flips and find another objective I will most likely hold it but then my opponent get the point for finding least objectives. It became a “no difference” situation. Still it is of little problem and I could have flipped a few more markers and gotten a draw on that as well.

Overall I like this mission. It is absolutely a working version of the Search mission that works in tournaments but the amount of markers and the complexity makes it a little difficult unless you really want to have it. I truly suggest people to test it.

Swedish ground control

Taking points in turn 3 and 6 worked really good but I must admit. The difference with halved points and rounded did not work as good. Everything was very very close. We actually think it might work best with no halving and rounding. Maximum points one player can get is 16 which is a bit more than Focal points 10. But there are 8 contesting points and we see that it is much easier to contest by placing a dropship in the last activation on a quarter.

I think but is not sure that we should ignore the halving and rounding. It will give a greater spread.

But in total it is much much more fun with taking quarters in turn 3 as well. Much more action and aggressiveness is needed than the normal mission which is good.


I really think the missions worked well. In the Swedish champ we will have Intel, Possible objectives, Quarters, Objectives and Focal points in different missions making sure people will need to have a balanced list. The Swedish Search is really insane is some cases and I had a really cool and tough fight over the objectives found.

My army list;

Oppressor, transport with AA

Stalkers transport AA
Ravagers transport AA

2 Warriors dropship
2 Old ones dropship
2 Old ones Dropship

4 Minders dropship

2 Tormentors Dropship

1×2 Corsairs

As you might know – this army list doesn’t exactly contain the best units in the game but damn it was kind of fun to play with! A walkthorugh on the unit’s performance;

Oppressor – I can’t really use it well. I prefer the Desolator and would have had a field day with that. Needs more testing.

Stalkers and Ravagers – nothing to say. The Stalkers did ok I guess but the ravagers shone and I now remember why I used to like them.

Warriors and Old ones. Man the Old ones are bad! They need a dodge or a point decrease to be viable. +10 points instead of +15 could be fair start.

Minders always rock!

Tormentors…they did flame stuff. First game they barbecued 3 or 4 infantry units. Second game 5 Warrior bases and last 2 Preatorians units and 2 Hazard suits. But then again…if not the flamers then it would have been the Destroyers. And that would have helped a lot more. But they were not bad per say but more of a needed evil to make the list work somewhat.

Annhilator was scary but not as good as it’s points suggests. First game it took out 3 gun wagons and 6 DP of a building. Then nothing. Second game it took out 3 Reapers, 3 Hunters and one Prowler. Pretty good but still it could have been avoided if my opponent had thought it through.

Corsairs. Man I hate or love those! they are really bad but you just get so HAPPY when they do something! First game they eventually took down a Lifthawk, did some 5 falling masonry on infantry, 1 Jackson and 1 Rocket technical and 1 Cyclone got one DP. Not so bad. I think they actually did their job when it came to points. The second game they took out a Reaper trying to escape with an objective and took out the Desolator on three turns!

Last game was the most disappointing. They took out a wolverine and a Sabre. Rest of the time they missed.

So in 1 game they did almost Ok. One game they did actually pretty good and in one game massively disappointing. If Fm had been part of a infantry battlegroup instead I might actually have considered taking one or two now and then. But they are most for fun.

Other stuff

Other than that I ended up with a win against Resistance, loss against Scourge and win against the UCM. I’m pretty happy to use this army list on the Swedish championship as it means I can play to the best of my ability and competitive if I have to enter and play. I though of forcing Simon to use the army for the Swedish Search as well.

Below are the very few pictures I took.



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