Winter’s Invasion 2016 – Egges report part 2 of 2

It is well time to finish my very vague report from Invasion. As always great fun and rumor has it 6 swedes are hoping for Invasion in August. This time it’s about game 2-5. I thought to include some after-thoughts as well.

My Destroyers. I always take a lot of pictures of the other player’s awesome armies that I miss out that my units, while not best in class, are at least at the average level. And it should be worth showing some of my units now and then just to show people a level they can easily beat.

Game 2. Resistance. Recon+++

So this time Hawk have included Recon! Yay! We Swedes have it well practiced and I am very used to play it. And against resistance? That just means I am a few points up directly. Ha! I’m going to crush my opponent.

As long as he didn’t outsmart and outplay me.


As always I don’t include names as I don’t remember them and focus to much on the games. My opponent’s list has both the Alexander and the Thunderstorm and 2 squads of infantry inside Lifthawks. Overall the rest felt standard. Some Zhukovs, some Gun wagons, some Freeriders but no Cyclones. Overall a list I think most people (including me) doesn’t fear that much.

To bad it just prove the game is so balanced you can win even if you don’t take only the best units as long as you compensate as a good player. My defeat was, sadly, well deserved as I was clearly outplayed.

The thing is, normally the Resistance use one Lifthawk and one Kraken and some Freeriders as their infantry. Byt my opponent had 2 Lifthawks with infantry and Berzerkers and after dropping 2 squads from each Lifthawk he still had the Berzerkers left. He also positioned his AA really good and those bloody Zhukovs are very good in table coverage. I screwed up my positioning of my infantry and the marauder was shot down early after only getting 2 points from the infantry. A screw up from me and well played from the opponent and this cost me the game.

My opponent also get his infantry deep into my side and can start taking those points as well. The reason being that I was, as always aggressive with my Reapers and hoped for first turn in turn 3 which I didn’t get and so my opponent had the clear upper hand and was using his advantage well. His infantry was in my buildings and I could not get hold of the objectives in the center of the table because he had the Berzerkers there and I had the Destroyers totally placed wrong.

At the end turns he is up 2 points and finds an focal point in my side of the table. He starts to move his army there as I do and in the end he have more points there for a 2 more points for him and one for me. He also have kill points for one point extra. I had risked a bit to try to compensate. For instance my Destroyers ended turn 4 by entering a building on his side with only a few points left. I didn’t get the first turn again and so the building came down on them. A risk well worth it but irritating I failed.

In the end I have little to say. My opponent played well and deserved to win. After I concluded he had 2 points win and a focal point appeared on my side I thought I could actually come down to a 9-11 loss instead by killing his thunderstorm but as well as I was outplayed for the Recon mission I claim a bit bad luck in not taking his Thunderstorm down which was vital for taking the focal point. I did have 18 shots from my Hunters as well as numerous dropships firing. The hunters should do 16 damages to a Thunderstorm like that and they in total together with the dropships did 5 damages. Had they performed fairly ok the result should have been 11-9. Now I have to concede that I was outplayed and outmaneuvered for a fair loss of 14-6.

Game 3. Scourge. Ground Control+

Next game was against someone clearly less competitive than me. He also had the wrong total points which he had to change on his sheet after the game so by the Swiss rules I had an opponent that should have an easier opponent.

Scourge Vs Scourge is a interesting match up. And Ground control is a mission clearly just for movement in the first turns. We both however placed units on table rather early. The result was that in turn 3 we had a situation where we both needed to get the first turn. I didn’t get it (again… in all three first games I never got the first turn when needed, even against Lvl 3 commanders…). We both have a squad of Reapers watching each others and he also have a squad of three Reavers roughly at the same location. He activates his reapers which is a really strange decision and activates the Reapers to attack my Reapers. He fail of course and my Reapers shoot down all three Reavers.

I am quite split on this matter. He clearly didn’t remember that the Reapers only hit ground targets on 6’s and I didn’t consider it until he started rolling. He said that he had to take the fall for this mistake but I’m not sure how I feel about that. It is one of those things I don’t feel proud over. Had it been a more experienced player he would have had to take the fall but here… it is one of those things I have to consider more… he had rolled the die and then stated he should not be able to take back rolled die but still…

Overall the game is over with that. He is to cornered and does not move away when he needs and becomes very agitated (but still kind spirited – not at like I would have been) so he makes more decisions that are clearly made because he gave up. In short he only contest 3 quarters and I have all others as well as max KP. 19-1.

On the idea of Ground Control I think the mission need to take quarters in turn 3 or 4 as well as the last turn for making sure people start being a bit more aggressive. Then you could just split the total points in half and round up or down as the organizer wish. I think it would be a much better mission then.

After day 1 games

Of course during the day I chat with Dave regarding the new units and although you all have the information from other sites I will blog about it later on. Overall they seem to go back a bit to make sure the hulls of older units becomes more valid as well as have some kind of twist for the Scourge with phase 2. They aim for Salute but that sounded…unsecure so I think more Christmas.

We went down to a pub for some food. Great Burgers though I think Dan was the most satisfied with the food. Problem is that the pub was rather small and so it was several people who went to another place. I think Hawk need to plan the pub evening a bit more – it would help a bit. Not much – just a plan to where 20 or so people can go together and chat.

As I’m getting old we Swedes diverted early and went to sleep around 22.30.

Game 4. Shaltari. Bunker assault.

Shaltari have always been a preferred enemy of mine. That is – I consider them the worst to face. They can loose units and then just replace the position with something else. They don’t really care for loosing a gate or two. So they are a really tough army to face. Other armies have clear stupid-better units but Shaltari in the hands of a good player can mean all units can be amazing.

The Shaltari list felt kind of interesting. Gharial, 2 jags, 2 Caimans, 2 Totem, Dreamsnare, Tomahawks, 4 medium gates, 2 Spirits and 2 Havens and 3 infantry squads. But he had played against rather specific lists I think. At least I understood it like that when we discussed the game afterwards. What really hurt him in this game was 2 things. First he misjudged the aggressiveness of Scourge and so he had not placed his Dreamsnare on table. Second he misjudged the possible double tap I could use. With my opponent having only Cv 3 I got the first turn for once and so I did a very successful attack in turn 3.

First I activated the large Hunter and Reaper squad and killed the Ghariel and a gate. After his activation that was forced to shoot at activated units I activated the Prowlers for more attack power and damaged one Caiman a lot. The Prowlers then had some fire on them. Then I activated the next round of Reapers and the big infantry squadrons. With the help of an Aggressive card and that the Caimans were still within 6″ of the building the infantry took down a Caiman as well.

My opponent saved his infantry for later but did it to much and deployed them to late. With that I mean he lost all his infantry gates and I saved my espionage cards just to counter his get-back a gate card. So no infantry ever came out. And after turn 3 he could not catch up with Kill points. That his infantry wasn’t placed meant I could not kill them though. And that hut my last points.

Result was 16-4.

Game 5. PHR. Secure the flanks

In the last game I faced of Ed from Team Ob. A ridicoulous close, tough and fun game. One of the top three I can remember – including my over 300 tournament games in 40k.

The opponent’s army was a Lvl 5 Zeus together with a Odin in a transport. 2 Medusa, 2 Valkyrie squads, 2×2 Helios in transports, 2 Phobos and Immortals. And Sirens. As expected we both entered our own buildings to get the objectives off. None of us could stop the opponent from getting that off. That is the downside of the awkwardly good Medusas – they don’t have the range needed to take down buildings early on.

The Valkyries are fast enough to jump between the opponent’s building and the center building and my opponent wanted to be first in and so he was. I shoot at the building doing some 10 points damage and enter with the destroyers and a Medium dropship infantry squad. The Medusas doesn’t enter but instead place themselves behind the building. I end the same turn with my large battlegroup poised for action. He covers the building with his 2 squads of Helios and in the next turn a lot of action happens. But he wins activation in turn 3.

With a quick thinking card that advantage is gone, however. I activate the big Hunter and Reapers squad with it’s transport. The reapers shoot down one of the Medusa’s transports and then crash themselves over one of the Medusas for a D6 hits on one of the Ladies and another damage on the other. Then at least I have mitigated them somewhat. The Hunters hunt Helios and removes them eventually.

The Medusas have a field day against the Hunters but with 5 DP less (one that becomes healed) they are less effective but still bad enough. The CQB in the center enter fight stage with no infantry finding the objectives and the Warriors bailing.

In the next turn the fight enter a very serious note and one Medusa die from the fire from the Prowlers combined with everything else shooting at the ladies. The CQB means that the Destroyers run away and Ed enter again with some Valkyries which didn’t find the objective again. I start shooting at the building and at my very last activation the building have two DP left and I shoot a solid shoot with the Desolator. And she fail to hit. Crap! Next turn my opponent can roll to search with 2 units on 4+ to get the objective off in one turn. If he wins initiative.

We roll – draw.

We roll again – draw.

We roll again – draw

Holy crap I hate this game! I was shaking with excitement. It was awesome!

We roll again – Ed win.

Dammit! He finds an objective and escapes. I destroy the building to kill the last Valkyrie. The same turn I kill his Zeus with Prowlers and we start preparing for the focal points.

I think I need to clarify something here. The building had 2 points left which isn’t much. I had used units to shoot at the enemy units and diverted a certain amount to shoot at the building which I considered the average amount to shoot with plus a little more. In normal games I would have ignored the enemy completely and gone for the building only but against this opponent I had to carefully weigh the attack. Using to much firepower meant I would not be able to attack the enemy units good enough and using to little meant that all the fire was gone pointless but I still had the potential for priority. So while it was in retrospect the wrong decision I still must admit that I don’t think I could have gotten away just allocating more units to attack the building. But I could have started with the Desolator so still there are things I could have done differently.

We start to race towards the focal points and I realize I’m up. Both of them will be mine but as Ed have gotten skillfully off 2 objectives and I only 1 I needed to remove him completely from one objective. One the left side I place the infantry to shoot with if something appear there. On the other flank I place the Desolator to remove the odd chance for anything to claim that focal points.

I had the priority in the last turn and gave the first act to my opponent. He secured his position on the right hand focal point with the impossible-to-kill-Medusa. But the left hand focal point was a bit more to struggle with. The thing is that although he made a smart attempt with Valkyries he really only had the last Odin from the command squad to place there. He had of course picked it up turn 5 and had prepared to move to the left hand focal point. But with his last activation being the Odin I had one left. 4 Bases of Warriors.

They shot, hit three and two went through the passive save.

No damage.


Holy crap that game was amazingly tough! it was close – I had to consider all actions as vital and we shook hands several times during the game because of excitement. While I can (as always with DZC) see that there are things I could have done differently so could my opponent. And a draw felt really cool in this game. A struggle with every ounce you had until the very end.


Overall I end up on 5:th place. Best Scourge player but the last of the five factions’ best placements. No other Scourge player came over 50% and then they still were 11 of them! So I’m happy with the result. I will blog somewhat on the meta of the tournament, have a pic post up soon and a full report and lots of opinions on the new coming units.



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  1. Thanks or the BR wrap up for invasion Sir.


  2. Over in the more civilized nations, we have these things called pens and pencils. They are really useful for writing down information that you don’t want to forget. Things like opponents names etc
    Maybe if you are over in September, I could show you one, and how it works

    Sounds like you had a blast though. Good write up of the games. I can also attest to the tenseness of your game with Ed, you were right next to us. It looked epic!

  3. Don’t give him a pen! He just chewing at it!

  4. chrisloomis13 says:

    Thanks for the write up! The double Lifthawk w/ Berserkers is an option I’ve been considering so happy to hear about it.

    • Yes. I really caught me by surprise so I think you should consider it. My opponent didn’t have the AA guns but I think it would have been much better with because one of them will be much more aggressive.

      Thank you for reading.

  5. rasmus petersEn says:

    Too bad we got impatient with the food so there were no time for a natter this time around – But finding a steak over a burger might have made up for it 😉

  6. J.D. Welch says:

    Great writeup, Erik, thanks!

    I hope to get to face you one of these days… 😉

    • It would be great! To bad that a little one and price to fly to US is a bit much. For us the flight to London is cheaper than the train ticken for 3 hours to Copenhagen airport.

      • Patrik Wenner says:

        I will be representing the swedes at adepticon this year 😉

        You should come Erik. I have a big house in michigan with (at that point) 2 children and my wife who can be hostess for your family. Adepticon is just 5h drive away. Flight tickets to detroit are cheap. You can get them for 4k skr roundtrip per person, 8k for the family.

      • J.D. Welch says:

        Why do you have to take a 3 hour train ride to Copenhagen? Why not just fly out of Stockholm?

        And is my geography right in that the train ride (at least part of it) is under water (in a tunnel, obviously)? I didn’t think that Sweden and Denmark were connected by land, but it’s been a while since I looked at a map of that part of Europe (Nordic Countries)…

        • It’s like 4 hour with train to Stockholm and I believe a longer flight to London. 😀

          Yep, Sweden and Denmark are connected with a bridge that then goes under water the final route…

        • So Denmark have a much larger airport and for Me and Stefan is closer geographically than the Swedish capital. So it is both closer and cheaper for us. But 4k is not expensive. I will consider this for the next year. It will be interesting to see if I could make it.