Winter Invasion 2016 – Impressions and some more pictures

Time for the after action report of Winter Invasion 2016. It was a blast! I am starting to feel at home in Croydon. I also guess this mean I am part time Londoner. I sleep in english hotels, shower in english showers, use english toilets and drink american beer at english pubs while eating home-made burgers and socialising with the DzC elite (read OB). If this goes on I need to get myself a post box. Egge has already gone through the opening excitement as the venue was closed up when we arrived after having an english breakfast. I will share with you my first sight as I walked through the doors.

Pez’ DzC table. Nicely overgrown and a lot of inspiration to me.

This table inspired me to get a lot of Blotz buildings some time ago paint them up and then flock them plenty. As Pez himself was at the event promoting his range of new terrain I obviously had to have a look. His work is phenomenal. Just look at these buildings. Some really nice height and sci-fi feeling to them. Less Art Deco of course but I can imagine a whole table with these spires, all overgrown of course. 🙂

We chatted for a short while about how getting away from the block buildings will break up the table and lend another feel to the game. Steve was also kind to allow me a building which I am working on at the moment to review and share my thoughts on. When I am done there will be a blog post about it, of course. If you would like to check out Dark Ops work, please visit: Dark Ops. Beside these nice additions to terrain showed off at Invasion was the new variations of old units.

I should be honest and say that I was positively surprised when noticing all the concept art and already made models for DzC. I am not that excited for Dropfleet Commander, or was it: Orbital Bombardment- The miniature game?, so all this kickstartering and such have left me a bit wanting when it comes to DzC. I was also starting to get worried that no new units would be released or even thought of before Dropfleet was out the door. I am glad to say I was wrong. Just look at all this goodness.

Shaltari and PHR

The best thing is that it is not really “new” units rather variations, this design decision is phenomenal in my mind and breathe military development, not that I know that much but this is how I imagine it. Take a chassis and mount a new weapon system on it, thus developing the platform minimising the need for multiple spare parts.

Scourge, Resistance and UCM

I did not think Resistance would get any new variations though as they were released not that long ago. It is nice to see they get new additions as well. I just hope there wont be a lot of special rules for these variations and that they rather use already used mechanics. Obviously some of them bring whole new concepts, as the Scourge Corruptor. Looking for a more in detail explanation of these units and what they will do, then you can head over here: OB Interview with Dave Lewis. Great job OB having this sit down and then broadcast it to all us nerds.

So after showing my disinterest in Dropfleet I want to show you some pictures of the really beatiful models. Dave know how to design eye cathing models. I hope you enjoy.

Shaltari and Scourge

Really nice models! Perhaps I am interested a weenie tiny little bit. But I think I will wait until it is released.

I would also like to thank all my opponents and all other contendors together with my friends in Team Sweden and Hawks passionate personal you all made me have a great weekend. I hope to be back during the autumn. Finally a picture of my last meal before leaving England. Look at it! It was wonderful.

Ramen with Duck

2 Responses to Winter Invasion 2016 – Impressions and some more pictures

  1. Stefan Nordström says:

    It will be fun to see the rules for the Resistance rocket wagons. I hope they will be like the Goliath bomb at the Barrel Bomber. Maybe not as powerful but almost…

  2. Thunderboy says:

    Great write up. I hope you will get the dropfleet bug. Who else will blog about it otherwise?
    Where did you get the ramen? Is that from the little shop next to de CCC?

    Cheers, Thunder