Youtube; Random clips from a Swedish one day tournament

So I have made a small compilation of clips from a Swedish one day tournament. But instead of presenting it with just clips straight off I thought to present them personally. And try to joke about it. But I’m not good at it. At the same time I don’t I have seen another person doing this for their videos on youtube so for the moment I’m unique for dropzone commander blogger.

So below is a 19 minute clip from “the tube”. I know the quality is as is but there are several reasons for trying this;

  1. I’m not so good nore experienced before a camera. But with the “short talks and fast clipping” worked pretty well for me.
  2. It is unique for DZC (so far).
  3. Media maker is rather limited and I have to look into other programmes that might be able to compensate somewhat for my lack of skill and personal qualities.
  4. I had lots of fun doing this. And with practise comes perfect. well…hopefully improvement. So I gonna do more of these. No matter what you say.

Although I pretty much know what I want to improve let me know if you think I should go and die or continue doing these if I want to!


6 Responses to Youtube; Random clips from a Swedish one day tournament

  1. You just can’t do anything original, always in team OBs shadow!!!

    I really enjoyed it. Even with that weirdo presenting!!
    Jens’ beard is looking magnificent!!
    Good job Erik, and you must have cheated to win a tournament with corsairs and an annihilator. You were playing with 270 less points than everyone else

    • I know! Bloody techboy just crushed me totally! With better quality, video editing and sound “effects” that I can’t copy it was superior. Kind of like a news magazine article. I was so impressed by his bloody video it took me another week to decide if I wanted to let this one out on the net! 🙂

      But I will learn. So for a first try I am kind of satisified with the result and it will be fun looking back after a while to see if I have improved.

      Yeah, the corsairs are just impossible. I’m trying and trying to see if I can find a way. The Annhilator have a point in the army. Hard to use – sure – but is has a point and can add something. Sometimes.

  2. J.D. Welch says:

    Very nice video, Egge! Don’t compare yours to Ed’s, it’s a totally different style, I like both very much. Keep it up.

    “Don’t need a script.” [Deadpan stare] LOL! 😀

    Yes, the Annihilator can direct deploy by walking on, just as Apollo’s can…

    Yes, Jen’s beard is impressive.

    And as I’ve told you before, your English is infinitely better than my Swedish, as I don’t even know one bloody word in your language! (Well, I guess I do now — bjorn = beer! That’s very helpful!). 😀

    Looking forward to another in this style!


    • Jens' beard says:

      Thanks for your fine comments. Björn is actually Bear not Beer. Could be good to know if you would visit Sweden and be thirsty.


    • Great you liked it! Thank you, J.D. I will try to rotate it between videos and normal blogging as the videos are a bit more time consuming although I think it will go faster as I move along.

      There will be more. 🙂

  3. Stefan Nordström says:

    I like the fact that when I for once have a great idea you don’t mention me by name…