M116 Bunker Complex – What to use them for?

I noticed a thread on the Hawk forum where users were asking for some official rules and/or scenario. This is completely unofficial but I have been thinking about how the bunkers could be armed. The weapons profiles that I have cooked up could probably be used in a wide range of scenarios.

Five bunkers of awesome death

The M116 Bunker

Bunkers are regarded to be indestructible and with only one entrance. Their entrances lead to an underground complex, consider all bunkers as linked by Underground Monorails. A bunker is armed with the ”Revenge M-7 Multipurpose Missile System”. The Bunkers weapon system can be activated by an occupying infantry, even when involved in CQB.

Weapons E SH AC R(F) R(C) MF Special
Revenge M7 AT Warhead 9 3 2+ 24″ 9″ 0″ ALT-1
Revenge M7 AA Warhead 5 9 4+ 24″ 9″ 0″ ALT-1, AA
Revenge M7 Cluster Warhead 7 1 3+ 24″ 9″ 0″ ALT-1, AREA-M, SC

*Automated Defences – Once a fire resolution have been put in the target computers, the Occupying player have the possibility to use the weapon system even if infantry are engaged in CQB.

What do you think will the M7 weapon system defend your dear infantry?

3 Responses to M116 Bunker Complex – What to use them for?

  1. Bunkers w/ guns creates a “rush” for them. Kind of like getting 500 free points of rhinos :(. Useful for Atk/Def scenarios, but for a tournament, no thx.

    • Jens Bäckman says:

      I agree with you. I would probably not use them for tournament missions but will use them for narrative play and with attacker/defender scenarios.

  2. Thunderboy says:

    I like the profiles of 2/3.
    I feel they should not have AA ability. But thats just because of how they look….