YLVA Escalation Campaign – September Part 2 of 2

The earlier iterations of this series can be found here: and . As the players had gotten their instructions they played their games over the coming month. We had tried to setup so that a more experienced player would play against a less experienced player so rule interpretations and such were easier to solve. This worked out great and I could really recommended it. Below is the briefings in the first paragraph and the debriefs in the second paragraph under each announced game.

Briefings and Debriefs of D-262 – 252 Y2669

D-260 +++Operation Insight+++
UCM vs Scourge/ Ferrum 2nd Armoured Corps vs The Scythe
Once UCMS Dark Sky entered communication range of Eden Prime multiple messages were intercepted, after some joined efforts by the ship AI and intelligence officers aboard some messages were decrypted Someone, dead or alive were trying to make contact providing positions of caches with information. Once UCMS Dark Sky entered orbit a single response signal was sent and several beacons lit up, time is short, the Scourge is most certain aware of the beacons as they lit up. Within 3 hours they will self-destruct. Secure the caches and return destroy any enemy contact if able. The men and women of the Ferrum 2nd Armoured Corps will take this one as Hammerhead is engaged elsewhere. The Scythe felt how the bio-network streamed information and a purpose into it. Minutes ago a sensor disturbance had been detected in the outlying parts of the northern parts of New Troy. You will investigate what probably is resistance fighters being sloppy with their communication equipment, this is an opportunity for revenge thought the Scythe to itself.

The Ferrum 2nd Armoured Corps only retrieved part of the caches as the Scythe got away with some as well. The Scythe were now considering his bloody defeat as warriors had fallen only to secure part of the discovered caches. To its surprise the enemy had brought never seen equipment, unfortunately no technology was recovered to tell more about these never seen before resistance raiders.

D-259 ///A Disturbance///
Feral Resistance vs Shaltari/ Novus Principium vs Warlord Rausk
Listening posts of the Novus Principium have detected a strange presence, analysts do not believe it is a Scourge harvesting host as they never venture this far any more since the warriors of Novus Principium ambushed them and decimated a large portion of the regional occupation force four years ago. A close by desolated area seem to be where this new strange presence seem to operate, brightly ornamented vehicles have been spotted and rumours talk about the Shaltari. It does not matter, this is our territory and no one steal from us, human or alien. The warriors are being prepared to head out and find what is so interesting and bring it back. One of Warlord Rausk landing parties is not yet aware of the Resistance force approaching their position. Their focus is on trying to discern what a series of strange energy signals are located. Their signature is interesting enough to try and bring back to Rausk, perhaps it will provide a bounty.

Novus Principium defended their territory and reminded the aliens of the wrath of man. The signals were both data mined by the resistance and Warlord Rausk’s search party. As Rausk’s warriors returned with heavy losses and hardly enough to suffice for a bounty the Warlord punished them by decimation. One in ten warriors gladly took their lives to repent the recent failure.

D-257 —Brothers and Sisters—
PHR vs UCM/ Agent Morglum vs Hammerhead
Initializing connection to the White Sphere… Incoming orders… UCM have arrived, intercept a scout team sent to retrieve something from the eastern parts of New Troy. Morglum planned a hard strike and in silence gathered his troops, if he would have his will none of his siblings will survive the day. Even better he would steal what they came for in front of their eyes. Marines from Hammerhead were in the air, entering into a world none of them had seen but all been told about: The motherland. Resistance is expected and the marines is chattering about how they will be the first to kill a squid. It is time for the Scourge to feel the wrath of Man. UCMS Dark Sky’s Captain Tollenworth had instructed Hammerhead to find essential artefacts left behind during the Exodus. Lost treasures of unspeakable worth.

Agent Morglum won a hard earned battle against Hammerhead taking moderate losses as PHR secured the artefacts of old. Leaving UCM with a bloodied nose limping back home to inform Captain Tollenworth of a never seen before mix of man and machine and their intervention in Hammerhead’s mission.

D-253 ===Curiosity===
Shaltari vs PHR/ Ixchel vs Agent Javerin
Before Ixchel found any of her kin to initiate the trials as a routine action lead her into conflict with the PHR as a patrol sent by Javerin crossed paths with a Shaltari force tasked to gather some resources in the outskirts of New Troy. Javerin fearing to be discovered choose to try and ambush and destroy the Shaltari force. Intelligence suggests that the Shaltari is trying to retrieve something from the ruins close-by, Javerin plan to be their first.

The hunter turned into the hunted as Ixchel sent forth her mobile forces against slow moving PHR walkers. Javerin sent a group of quick moving Apollos to intercept and hinder Ixchel from entering into the building on one of the flanks, this was unfortunately only partially successful. Thanks to hiding behind structures and crippling Javerin’s infantry by destroying both Junos Ixchel won a great victory and the patrol returned with a good amount of samples from the ruins fought over.

D-253 ***Sacred Relics***
Scourge vs Shaltari/ The Bringer of Pestilence vs The Feathered Serpent
The Bringer of Pestilence smiled as Shaltari dropships were approaching, it had known about the artefacts for some time now and have had them under surveillance for almost a decade. It was just a matter of time before a life-form would try to recover them. The Feathered Serpent was not walking into a trap, he was just to proud to encircle the Scourge before striking. This was an opportunity to shed some blood before facing his kin in true combat. The relics have just recently been known to the prophet and possessing them would grant status in the aftermath of the Trials.

The ambush was a success, the intruding Shaltari forces limped away with heavy losses. After the smoke cleared the Bringer of Pestilence angered as the Feathered Serpent got away with some relics. It was a good battle the Serpent thought as Scourge had fallen for Ion as Gauss cannons alike. The sweat taste of battle reminded him of past glories and those to come.

Keep your eyes open for the story as it progresses.

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