YLVA Escalation Campaign – September Part 1 of 2

This is the second post about the YLVA Escalation campaign and the first about September. If you would like to read the first part you can find it here: YLVA Escalation – Planning. Interest were high and many Commanders showed their interest. In order to make the planning easier I and Westman decided that it would be better if all games supposed to be played during a month was the same so participants could share their experiences and know approximately the same things as the campaign progressed.

Portraying a game of Dropzone Commander between UCM and Scourge. Property of Hawk Wargames.
Portraying a game of Dropzone Commander between UCM and Scourge. Property of Hawk Wargames.

The first mission was Targets of Opportunity, iconic for DzC and probably the mission type that most DzC players are familiar with, at least in Sweden. But first there was the need for some initial story telling to establish the setting. The theme I went with was the Pre-operations of the coming invasion of Eden Prime. In order to not go against the official timeline and storyline put down by Hawk UCM would have to operate under the radar. I though up the idea of an experimental stealth vessel that UCM used for conducting these missions which were aimed to prepare the UCM invasion. I also focused on New Troy and its surroundings to have a few common names to use for orientation.

Story Considerations

Scourge presence were easy to justify as they are the new master of Eden Prime, I designated the two commanders as responsible for the regional command and independent operations. The Resistance also had an obvious presence and I asked the Resistance player what kind of society it was and went with. PHR was harder but I went with the notion that PHR have known for UCM for quite awhile and also have superior sensors and stealth technology, thus being able to track UCM and be able to establish a secret base on Eden Prime. As PHR are guided by the White Sphere obviously it would play a part. I think Shaltari was the hardest but went with the idea of a set of Trials that would take place on Eden Prime, think the Predator and ritual rites. In this first part for September of two is the story as told before the players had played their Targets of Opportunity mission. The second part for September will show you the briefings and the debriefs. The briefings were obviously posted before the missions were played.


Our campaign will take place in the Eden system and most action will be seen on Eden Prime in the proximity of New Troy. Every faction have their own priorities and objectives. For simplicities sake UCMs system of date and time is used.

D-262 – 252 Y2669

Our story start D-262 on the 18th of September 2669. Groups of resistance have been having a low in activity the last few years as the Scourge stranglehold on Eden Prime have been almost completed. Pockets of resistance are busy with hiding and foraging to try and replenish supplies and numbers. Scourge on the other hand have come to the point where attack and pursuing human survivors have become a strain on resources as successful guerilla tactics of a resistance group calling themselves Novus Principium have shown Scourge military command that the fight is still on. The Council of Novus Principium have at the moment decided to batter down the hatches and await better days preserving supplies and making as little noise as possible. At the same time UCM military intelligence have been preparing and finally launched an experimental stealth vessel ‘UCMS Dark Sky’ with orders to bring ‘Task Force Bastion’ consisting of UCMA Ferrum 2nd Armoured Corps under command of Lieutenant-General Dinesen and Lieutenant-General Cato and an UCMF Marine corp detachment of ‘UCMS Dark Sky’ mysteriously named ‘Hammerhead’. TF Bastion’s operational goal is to conduct intelligence gathering operations on Eden Prime assessing the situation and if able take action to prepare the invasion soon to come.

‘UCMS Dark Sky’ is not alone orbiting Eden Prime though, the PHR have for long being observing both UCM and Scourge and as their brothers and sisters of the UCM have been preparing to travel to Eden Prime for the first time in 160 years. The White Sphere’s agents are under operational command of the agents codenamed ‘Morglum’ and ‘Javerin’. ‘Morglum’ is mainly operating out of the concealed base codenamed ‘Sanctum’ in the far outskirts of New Troy responsible of base security and direct action operations. ‘Javerin’ operating out of ‘PHRN Spear of Light’ is responsible for connecting with resistance forces trying to bring them into the fold in order to do the dirty work of the Sphere. The Sphere have instructed them to establish PHR covertly on Eden Prime prior to the UCM and thus being able to secure delicate and sensitive information and relics left behind during the Exodus or now under Scourge control. As covert operations have been going well and contacts have been established with the so-called Tyrant of Atlanta, but progress is still to be achieved in New Troy. By coincident a routine patrol last week revealed a new presence to the Sphere on Eden Prime, the Shaltari are here.

Shaltari’s presence is not a united one, three tribes have arrived to Eden Prime at the same time with the same goal, to engage in glorious battle and secure artefacts of alien origin due to a prophecy foretold a millennia ago. The Trials of Gods have begun. First to arrive are the Moon Goddess’ Enclave of the Mayan lead by Ixchel (Nimthar). Ixchel a spiritual leader have seen victory in the stars and in the wake of victory followers will gather to worship her as the god she is. The second to arrive are the Vanguard of the Aztec lead by Quetzalcoatl also known as the Feathered Serpent (Serpent) a great warrior with millennia of experience hunting and destroying his enemies. A bit prideful he is quick to anger when tradition or honour is broken. Thus the presence of the third tribe is a major nuisance to him. The third and last to arrive are the infamous Raiders of the Crescent Nebula led by Warlord Rausk an exceptional strategic mind with a bad reputation for winning even by circumventing procedures of honour established through Shaltari tradition thus frowned upon by other Shaltari. As the Shaltari tribes are arriving in secret, the war drums on board are closing to a crescendo. War is coming and it have been to long.

Fortunately Scourge Overhosts seem to be either all to well aware or ignorant for now of their unwelcome guests in orbit and planetside, time will tell. Two Scourge Overlords are responsible for the security and operations around New Troy. As names no longer mean anything to the Scourge they are named by their enemies rather than their allies. The First is known as the Bringer of Pestilence because of its love for weakening its enemies with poison, gas and diseases if possible before striking the deathblow. The Bringer of Pestilence is currently tasked with reinforcing and accelerating the resource gathering of the southern parts of New Troy. The Second Overlord is called the Scythe, known for its quick and merciless broad acts of destruction aiming to destroy its enemy utterly from the roots leaving no opportunity for respite. Responsible for the northern parts of New Troy the Scythe suffered some crippling defeats a couple a years ago against the Novus Principium, a cell of resistance that yet have to be found and when found the Scythe will have its revenge. Intelligence efforts of the Scourge have shown that something is happening within both Overlords sphere of influence, strange phenomena have been observed the past week.

Next up will be briefings and debriefs. I hope you enjoyed this part.

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