Swedes in London: Jens’ AAR – Part 2 of 3

Time for the last game of the first day and the first game of the second day. Since I had good success in the first two games I had climbed to table six, therefore being in the top 12 players, if I remember correctly. It was time to have my first game against a member of Team OB. I did not have the pleasure during the spring and since those chaps are nice guys I hoped for a fun time. Mega Mike did not disappoint.

Game 3 – Secure the Flanks

UCM Mike Burch, placed: 4th with 68 pts. at Secure the Flanks, loss 8 – 12, KP 488/423 +65

Mike brought an aircraft heavy list with good demolition potential. He also brought two Pathfinder Archangels which if able would kill of my gates. I cannot remember if the Pathfinders did but I do know that demolition would play a critical role in the events to come. Fortunately I had brought a Totem. Since my list did not have the demolition potential to destory a 30 DP building in two turns I did not try to destroy Mike’s home objective I focused early on to find my own home objective, protecting the building with the Totem and going in heavily with all groups of Braves. Mike responded by also deploying a good amount of infantry into his home objective building while positioning a Raven with Legionnaires close to the middle building. He also unleashed hell on my home objective but did not manage to damage it enough to destroy it in one turn. I felt confident that I could find the first objective and get off.

Meanwhile we positioned ourselves to capture focal points. I aimed for the right side as Mike had put a lot of his strike capabilities on the left. At this time it was a lot of positioning for an alpha strike in turn 3 from Mike. I believe he aimed to take out all my AA in turn 3. Fortunately for me he probably had to shift priorities as I played a Scout Gate Drone card and entered into the middle building with my Firstborns. All they faced were Legionnaires. I also managed to destroy one of Mike’s Ravens waiting outside as reinforcements were on the way. The empty one though so he could not slip away with a potential objective.

We both got our first objectives off and my Firstborns killed the Legionnaires unharmed. In support I deployed my Totem in turn 3 to protect the building from being destroyed before my Firstborns could have a chance to search and get away in turn 4. This almost happened. Mike almost brought the building down as its damage points rested on one after a full turn of shooting. I was confident to win initiative next turn and I had a Spirit waiting. I sighed in relief just before Mike played the UCM card that do D6 DP to a building. This killed my Firstborns and hope of finding an objective I should not had the chance of trying to get. It was a real cool scene though as every save the Totem did was essential. Here on out it would all be about the focal points.

Since I was low on anti-air and knew that I could not stop neither Mike’s Falcons nor Phoenix unless spending all my AA to only hunt these. I decided early on to only thin the heard of Starsprite drones instead of going after the other air targets. Even do I lost I think this was the right decision. But Mike had a good advantage that I did not have that much that could shoot up. As Mike took out one of my Edens in turn 6 my commander was stuck close to my deployment edge. This together with Mike having the possibility to put his commander on either focal point sealed the deal for Mike and he controlled both while I contested both. At least I killed more and denied Mike some TP. All in all it was a great game.

Also Mike seemed to like my beard, which I later could confirm in a blog post of his, I do not think he noticed that I out of the corner of my eye I could see him ogling it. 😉

If you would like to read about this game from Mike’s perspective you can do so here: Orbital Bombardment – Flight of the UCM day 2.

Mike’s Flying Circus UCM

Mega Mike’s flying circus

Mike’s Army List
Clash: 1495/1500 points
Standard Army
Standard Roster [1495/1500 pts]

Field Command [450 pts]
Phoenix: Phoenix(Captain) [285 pts]
Ferrum: Ferrum [165 pts]

Armored Formation [271 pts]
Katana Squad: 3x Katana [111 pts]
Falcon Squad: 4x Falcon [160 pts]

Legionnaire Corps [80 pts]
Legionnaires: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A [80 pts]

Legionnaire Corps [246 pts]
FAC [Legionnaires]: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A [80 pts]
Rapier Squad: 3x Rapier, Condor [166 pts]

Expeditionary Group [314 pts]
Wolverine Squad: 4x Wolverine A, 2x Raven B(+Missile Pods) [118 pts]
Hazard Suit Team: 2x Hazard Suit, Raven A [98 pts]
Hazard Suit Team: 2x Hazard Suit, Raven A [98 pts]

Air Wing [134 pts]
Archangel Squad: Archangel [67 pts]
Archangel Squad: Archangel [67 pts]

Game 4 – Bunker Assault

PHR Robin Regnet, placed: 8th with 62 pts. at Bunker Assault, draw 10 – 10, KP 501/230 +269

After game 3 us Swedes together with Simon, the Germans, Dutchs, Scotland and Beast of War went to a pub to have dinner and drinks. We had some great beer and I had the opportunity to talk to my opponent the next day, Robin. At the moment I was not certain that would be the case but it was great to have a good discussion about exotics and command value the night before.

The first game of day 2 was Bunker Assault. We decided that the bunker models would break line of sight and give hull down. This made it possible for small units and infantry such as the Medusa to hide behind one. This was fun as the Medusa once damaged would retreat behind a bunker to get cover and be healed up.

Since the bunkers cannot be destroyed the only way to prepare an assault into one is by using Flame weapons. It was time for drawing those Eldritch Energies cards. These would be essential for me clearing out a bunker later on. I knew that Robin would win any CQB we would enter into, or at least that was what I thought. Robin acted aggressively and got infantry into bunkers early on both flanks together with the center. I wanted to wait it out a bit and hope that Robin would over-extend. In part I succeeded, but I did not capitalise on it. As Robin took up positions I skimmed the edge of the board managing to do some amazing dice rolls. For example I one shotted an Odin with my Caiman. This should not happened. In turn 3 or 4 I managed to draw two Eldritch Energies cards and prepared to assault the bunker on my right which had almost no support except a Hades slowly walking around a large building. Waiting in the Bunker was a damaged squad of Valkyries and a squad of Sirens. If I would do it I had to do it right away. I started by shooting down the remaining Siren Triton, none of them should escapé. I had managed to destroy the Valkyries dropship the turn before and they had found safe haven inside the bunker. I started by playing Eldritch Energies on a Yari that would liquefy a base of Sirens. In the next activation I played Eldritch Energies on the Eden that would deliver two squads of Braves. I was just in range and liquefied the second base of Sirens, all that remained were the Valkyries. I took no chances and deployed my Firstborns as well. It was short and bloody, yay to incapacitate on the Firstborns. I had secured a focal point that Robin now would have a hard time to contest.

Until turn six it was the usual shoot and scoot. Then it all happened. It was time to win, or at least that was what I thought. At the start of the turn Robin controlled three focal points, all three of them uncontested. I controlled the other two uncontested. Robin tried to reach my home focal point with two Apollos and almost managed it. I reactioned fired one with a lone Birdeater and killed. The other one reached its target but was killed by the Totem that I had placed closeby. I now controlled it without risking to lose it. A big moral victory for me. I only had to get something close enough to Robin’s own home focal point. Guarding it was a Phobos. I had a plan, I would deploy my Yaris with a Spirit gate, risking the reaction fire and playing a card allowing them to move further does come close enough to the focal point, it was a gamble and Robin stopped it with an Espionage. I never redeployed those Yaris which together with the Spirits reaction fire managed to kill off enough Mercury drones that they would not be within six inches of the right focal point. That meant that at the time that Robin controlled one focal point with impunity and I controlled two.

I tried to take control of the left focal point by hoping to destroy Robin’s Zeus, even do Robin failed the passive save when one of my Tarantulas hit I did not damage it. Too bad. I continued with my plan so that I would contest both the center and the left. It ended in a draw as Robin kept control of them. When looking at the kill points Robin lost I know that I should have won, I had 250 odd points more to deploy. I had not lost any infantry but one squad of Braves got stuck in orbit. The safe plays I did in the beginning both worked in my favour and to my disadvantage, I had to much space and redeployments to do last turn. All in all it was a good game and Robin is the better player as he proved by placing 8th. If I only had one by one point, that would have been a 13-7 TP due to kill points. That would have brought me a good amount of placements closer to the top. But then I would not have fought Steven Piper and that would have been a loss. More about it in the last part.

Robin’s PHR

Robin’s PHR with double exotics

Robin Regnet’s Army List
Clash: 1498/1500 points
Standard Army
PHR Standard Roster [1498/1500 pts]

Hand of the Sphere [431 pts]
Command Squad: Zeus(Councillor), Odin, Neptune [241 pts]
Medusa: Medusa, Triton X [130 pts]
Mercury Drones: 4x Mercury [60 pts]

Battle Pantheon [126 pts]
Battle Squad: Phobos [63 pts]
Battle Squad: Phobos [63 pts]

Battle Pantheon [166 pts]
Battle Squad: 2x Phobos, Neptune [166 pts]

Immortals [113 pts]
AM Rifle Team: 2x Immortal Longreach Team, Triton A1 [113 pts]

Pegasus Group [377 pts]
Sirens: 2x Sirens, Triton A1 [129 pts]
Sirens: 2x Sirens, Triton A1 [129 pts]
Valkyries: 2x Valkyries, Triton A1 [119 pts]

Heavy Pantheon [285 pts]
Hades: Hades [205 pts]
Apollo Squad: 2x Apollo-A [80 pts]

The next and final part will be out next week. Please comment and discuss below.

9 Responses to Swedes in London: Jens’ AAR – Part 2 of 3

  1. Mike Burch says:

    I forgot about the Partisan Strike, how could I forget!! That was epic.
    Great report. I wish I had come out with you guys on the Sat evening. Next time!

    mmm beard, so soft

  2. Nice report, though I doubt Mike had Pathfinders, those are Resistance allied ones. He had regular UCM Archangels.

  3. J.D. Welch says:

    Great report, however, one thing to note: Against Robin you should not have been able to Target the same squad of Sirens with the second Eldritch Energies card in the same turn. Each player can only target a squad once per turn.

    Just so you know for next time. 😀

    • Why not? he used the Card on two differnt units of his own, giving them a Weapon which they tehn fired at the same target… nothing wrong here…?

      • Yeo, the card target a friendly unit, not a opponents unit so totally legal from Jens. 🙂

        • Jens Bäckman says:

          @JD. Obviously I agree with Snolb and Darios. Eldritch Energies only give a vehicle or aircraft the weapon profile provided. In order to be able and play two cards I played them on two different squads. The first one on the Yaris. The second one on the Eden assigned to transport Havens and Firstborns. Important to note is that I played both cards at the same time since they are play on activation and since Shaltari activate their battlegroup all together I needed to do this. I also had to be able and move and shoot with my Eden before dropping Havens which I just managed to do, it was barely within in range to shoot.

          @All: Thanks for your comments all.

          • J.D. Welch says:

            Ah, my bad, and my unfamiliarity with the card. From the way you described it I thought you were “targeting” two units in the same squad, but that was with the weapon that is the Eldritch Energies card, and the Target of the card is a Shaltari unit, and, as you say, you picked two different squads for those. So, again, my bad, and thanks for the edification! 😀