Swedes in London: Egge’s report

As it stands my position worsened 5 placements and being the only swede who lowered in % in placements I am the standing joke in the group. But I did get 5 good games. Although I don’t have a good recollection of them – all other swedes have much better reports. Mine are just vague and most likely not interesting.

So let me tell you about them anyway. The little I remember.

Game 1. Targets of Opprtunities. PHR. Robin R Finishing 8:th. 13-7

My first game was against a Team Germany PHR player that eventually ended on 8:th place. I don’t recall names but think it was Robin R. Cool! I was going to get a tough as nail, never let go games straight of! I better remember every little detail of the rules, I thought.

Robin was a player that let go of the “of course you will do that” and the “we both know you are going to draw as well as roll for reserve so go ahead” kind of guy. In short he completely destroyed my thoughts that Team Germany would in any way play differently from the rest of the world and was just pleasant, fun and interesting to play against.

Son of a bitch! Here I was having lots and lots of prejudice based on nothing and he completely destroys it game one!

He also borrowed me a measure tool saving me oodles of awkwardness in the tournament. I of course forgot to give it back but luckily he was skeptical enough of me to remind me that the tool I had already packed after the tournament was his. Sorry again Robin!

So for the game it ended 13-7 to me. Targets of opportunities. I got off 2 objectives and held one while he got one off and didn’t hold anyone. I think. Damn I should have taken more pictures but was to busy having fun.

In retrospect I had some luck at the end but my opponent made one crucial mistake. He didn’t destroy objective buildings when I moved my infantry away from them. The building in my side I of course jumped into end of turn 1. He shoots at that during turn 2 and I eventually jumps into another building with the help from a monorail card later on. So he stops shooting at the large building with rather few DP left. Next turn I activate my single BG of infantry last and jumps into the damaged building and activates them basically first next turn and find and takes off the objective. On one side I was happy that I got him to shoot at the buildings where my infantry were and on another side I think it was more of a mistake from his side to stop shooting at my objective building when I left. His premise was of course not in a vacuum. He had plenty of targets to kill but I think that he could have survived ignoring my aggressive units a bit more for making sure I could never get into my own building again.

Otherwise his MEdusa controls the board. I had nothing to counter her with. Other cool moment for me was when the Sirens was up against Old ones and a squad of warriors. With the help of some cards the Old ones’ extra attacks really helped to take out the enemy.

I also had this chance to take out three of his Tritons in one go with double tapping Reapers. Weapon hacked saved one. Passive save saved another and the last one I failed to damage. Yikes! Worth the risk but yikes that result was not good. At the same time it did force my opponent to fire at them instead else they be left next turn and that did take some heat of my building with an objective.

I think overall the secret with double tapping is not to have a situation “I win initiative – I win else you win” but have a “I win initiative – I win else game is still on.”

Game 2. Ground Control+. Resistance. James G. Finishing 12:th. 19-1

Lots of lots and lots of technicals. 2×12 Technicals in a drill. 12 super technicals in his commander. Damn they are cool.

Now this game went much more my way so I remember it slightly easier. But with the mission it becomes rather tough for him with this army against the Scourge. I also have a Desolator.

It got to fire at good opportunities. Three times.

It was enough.

With him setting the entire army up I have a pretty good idea where his units will be for the entire game. The only main things are the pesky freeriders and the drills. The rest I could understand where they would go from the start.

To make it short my opponent made several mistakes which I could take advantage of.

  • He entered buildings way fast. After turn 3 I could take down his flying transport and that meant his infantry would move very little around. Since he only had one dropship my reapers worked as demolish crew instead (5 damage in average from three on a building).
  • In turn 2 he entered with infantry inside a building. With team Despoiler, 6 hunters and reapers I sink the building and kill veterans and freeriders inside and destroy two other bases on 2+ as the building crash down. He had placed to much too close.
  • Turn 3 he get his drills up and place one to close to my main building. I have the destroyers inside and they shoot with a “aggression”  card (very nice to have on infantry inside of buildings as opponents many times doesn’t shoot back) and actually kill one drill. Meaning one 12 man squad of technicals will be delayed one turn. He could have placed it well beyond danger.
  • In turn 3 I get the jink and weave card on the hunters and they block the enemy HQ. Since it was in the center and he had little room for moving it basically got stuck. Next turn they fire and takes off points. Turn 5 it dies.

The game was fun but at the same time it was very one sided. My opponent was extremely good spirited even though he suffered a 1-19 loss to my advantage.

Game 3. Secure the flanks. PHR. Pete C. Finishing 11:th. 5-15

Well, Pete’s and my game went basically the same as Pete Vs Snolb. Luck was one factor; 6 Hunters and a dropship against one Odin. Result; Odin saved all 6 passive saves. My Desolator come up in a good situation to shoot the lightning cannon and does so. He failed to hit any of the 6 enemies within 6″ but succeed in killing 2 of my Hunters on a 6 (I had three of them inside 12″). Next turn I try again. This time I succeed to damage an infantry base and kill my last hunter. When the Desolator try to move away he takes another 3 damages from the single Phobo that reactive fired on him and killed him (he had reacted the turn before as well).

The Athena totally controls the game. From turn 2 it kills whatever it wants the entire game. I really have a hard time against fast movers and the Athena especially.

However, one very good thing with the game and one pretty bad thing about the point system are worth noting. First the good. Although die was a factor I could have moved entirely different and actually won had I reconsidered some of my moves. The HQ could have held a focal point had I not wanted to move in to fire. Then again, the Desolator had a very good chance to take out a lot with lower than average die (he missed 14 of 16 3+ to hit) but I could have moved him to safety and played the mission very well. Kudos to Pete who successfully played me to play the KP game instead of the VP game. In short – had I done things right I could have won. But Pete was the better man.

The pretty bad thing is that in the last turn I try to hide a reaper behind a building. If this survives it will be a draw. Athena comes in and hits on 4+ and kills on 2+ so that’s it. But this little action changes a draw 10-10 to  5-15. I can’t help but feel it is a little to slight difference in the game that gives big difference in points. My opponent had a massive advantage of KP so it is fair but one little VP changes the result -5 for me and +5 for him. Although the victory was fair I wonder if the system is kind of flawed in exactly these kind of circumstances. It basically means that winning slightly and killing the opponent is better than grabbing to VP more in objectives. I’m not sure I like that. I can think of a system that would mean a difference; KP can only give the winner the advantage of the mission points in maximum. I e if you win with 2 VP you can max get +2 on Kill points VP. I think that what hurts my eyes is that KP are in this case was more important than getting more VP. Getting another VP and drawing on KP would have given PHR much less points meaning that the mission is rather not as much important as killing the opponent when you have that one point of win.

On the other hand one could also argue that a failed killing of the Reaper would have changed the result from  5-15 to 10-10 which is also kind of much. Having a KP chart that gives points no matter what is logical but would then decrease the importance of winning the mission. I’m not sure what I feel is right but it absolutely felt way to much of change because of 1 VP.

To get back to it. It was very enjoyable game and Pete took my whining about dice with good sense of comradeship.  Pete have absolutely developed a lot since the last time I faced him and it is great to see such a change.

Game 4. Bunker assault. PHR. Greg J. Finishing 23:th. 15-5

While I had bad die against Pete I didn’t have it so against Greg. Again that bloody Athena but I think Greg had more of an issue to decide for targets. He also lost the ability to move a lot with my target selection at the end of turn 4 and 5 and I succeeded taking down a battlegroup in turn 3 or so which helped. This means I had the most VP from the missions though I didn’t get the KP bonus I hoped for. The main mistake my opponent did was that he had three light dropships with things inside and I dropped three reapers behind a building. Next turn I double tap and three dropships are down. If I hadn’t got the first activation next turn I would have had three reapers safe behind a building anyhow and so it was a very good situation for me.

In the end it comes down to a shut down movement ability from Greg that stops him from reaching the points on the battlefield he needed. Greg got my sportsmanship and it was a very fun game.

Game 5. Military complex. Resistance. David C. Finishing 5:th. 8-12

For the last game I didn’t get any new army to face off. Again resistance. As I’m keeping this report fairly short I will only note on the more funny parts.

  • I tried to destroy my own intruder with minders onboard to kill off his three APC that was grouped against his objective building. After some discussion we come to the conclusion I can place the template as I wish and all three are hit. But I rolled a one. So in the end he got an objective off there. Well worth the risk though.
  • He shot a lot on the center building and then enter with three infantry squads by a monorail late in turn 3. In turn 4 he got first activation which stopped me from killing the building and found the objective and got off.
  • On the right side I didn’t find the objective and David showed good skill the entire game on target selection. He sank the building later on with my infantry inside. It is a high skill to shoot “right amount” on a building scaring me from doing the right decisions.
  • I got my objective off early on. That squad then tried to get the objective off in the last turn had I found the objective in the left building.
  • He entered the left building in turn 4 and I jumped in with my Old ones. This was a mistake and I could have entered the activation before making me the occupier. Next turn the Old ones kills off the free riders. Last turn they get a single chance to find the objective on a 6. I had gotten the other infantry squad in the battlegroup from reserves after dropping off the first objective and they had moved their dropship some 10″ in and jumped out. Meaning, if my old ones (who belong to the same battlegroup) finds the objective they can disembark directly into the transport, move down towards my side and disembark and drop the objective. In the same battlegroup I can activate the other infantry squad, pick up the objective and leave the table.

I didn’t get the 6 so it ends 12-8 as I had KP (I killed the Thunderstorm turn 4). It was a very hard fought game and although I felt I more knowledge regarding rules and (I think) more experience the target priorities my opponent show was superior and eventually most important. Well played.


So what did I feel after Invasion? Well first thing is that I felt my army list worked. I got lots more KP than other tournaments and given enough skill I could have won. I see several bad decisions I could have done different and given me a chance for the win. Removing some bad decisions I see 9 points I should have gotten if I just done things more right. That would have given me 69 points of 4th place. Then again that would have meant I would face Leopold in round 4 and (assuming I had won that which if of course “guaranteed”) and then Dan round 5 which well would have been some hard fought games which I would most likely not win (besides against Dan – of course I would have won that 🙂 ). Then again, that would have meant changed in the top players so I could have theoretically won the tournament. But alas my skill only took me to a 10th place. It kind of sucks admitting it but the placement is not bad but deserved as my own skill got me this placement. Not die nor bad och good luck. Skill.

That is why I love DZC.

So the army?

Desolator: Desolator(Overlord) [260 pts]

In my army the Desolator performed rather good in most games. There are still lots and lots of focal points at Invasion and I really miss more variation in type of missions but this meant the Desolator is useful to a much greater extent.

Hunter Squad: 6x Hunter, Despoiler(+Twin Plasma Cannons) [312 pts]
^ Sharing ^ Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper [117 pts]

The 6 hunters and 3 reapers in a Despoiler is a great activation and do in average 23 damage on a building if give the chance for a full attack. I love it. They can kill stuff and are a good activation for killing stuff.
Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]
Aged Ones: 2x Aged Ones, Intruder Alpha [124 pts]
Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]

So the infantry performed as expected. Although… You know, I missed having the 2 squads in invaders and a marauder. I’ll try to remedy that next time. The Old ones was actually really impressive killing stuff left and right. The main thing is that normal warriors could do the same most of the time but those extra 10 attacks really come into play together with some cards (razor birds mostly) the difference is that the old ones KILLS units while warriors STALLS. There is a point with them although I don’t think they will be the standard choice instead of warriors for me still. Point fillers instead.

Slayer Squad: 2x Slayer, Marauder [141 pts]
Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Marauder [158 pts]

The Slayers didn’t really perform and these guys could have been switched to something else. That is 141 points that I could have done better with other units. I’m not really sure with why though. As I only faced PHR and Resistance I should have taken three Stalkers instead. They can survive more and are more dangerous. I was afraid that I would have missed the Ravagers but really didn’t. Again, most likely because I didn’t get to fight anything else than Resistance and PHR.

Minders: 4x Minder, Intruder Beta [56 pts
Destroyers: 2x Destroyers, Intruder Alpha [140 pts]

Minders are always great and the Destroyers likewise. But Minders didn’t really come into play this tournament as I only faced tough dropships. They have a purpose but with no enemy with dropships they can kind of reliable kill they could have been ignored. Destroyers are destroyers though. always good in other words.

Last words

So this is my report from Invasion. Rather short but hopefully you realize it is well, AMAZING FUN! Taking a few beers with the Germans, the Beast of war bloggers, Simon and the brittish guys I don’t recall names of was also one of the highlight. Sadly on the Sunday we swedes was just messed up in our heads (and needed to rise at 4 the day after) otherwise we could have taken a couple of rounds with the celebrating Germans – hopefully it will be more times.

Thank you for this time. Negotiations with my wife is ongoing for January. Hopefully she’ll wait having the baby until March as planned.

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  1. Thx 4 the report Sir. Wish you had more pics.

    • Yeah, it became a “wall of text”. But I didn’t take much pictures from the games and all other pictures are in our “picture post”.

  2. Mike Burch says:

    Well I think congratulations and commiserations are in order. Congrats on the imminent arrival of mini egge and commiserations that you barely scrapped the top 10 😉
    I think Pete really enjoyed the game he had against you, probably because he rolled well!!

    Hope to see you in Jan/Feb

  3. J.D. Welch says:

    Thanks for the write up, Egge.

    Baby in March, eh? Is this your first? Well, it was nice knowing you! See you in about 5 years after next Invasion when you ~might~ be able to get away for another weekend of Invasion! LOL. (Did I say 5 years? Make that 10! Best to get your wife pregnant again right away so your kids are all bunched up together in age and you can look forward to when they’re all out of the house and you can finally get back into tabletop wargaming…)

    So maybe by the time you’ll be able to get out for another Invasion (after this next one) I’ll finally have the money and vacation time to make it to a Fall Invasion and we can finally meet! That is, if I can figure out how to stand up at a gaming table for 5 games when I’m at that advanced age! LOL! 😛

    • Yeah first one. But I think it will be alright. My wife is going to have 1,5 years of payed leave (as we can afford her only taking 60% of the payments we can increase the time) so I think I will be able to leave for Invasion at least.

      I hope you will be able to go to the Tournaments soon, J.D!

  4. linkhero1Link-Hero-1 says:

    Hi Robin,

    it was a great game! (And in the end I had the pleasure to play two swedes.)

    – And here I had such a pschological advantage and didn’t capitalize on it! ;D
    – Yeah, not destroying the building was a big mistake.
    – Reaper vs Tritons: I think you did destroy at least one Triton…
    – Measuring tape: All’s well, that ends well. ^^

    @Last words:
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. It was a blast!

    • linkhero1Link-Hero-1 says:

      *”Hi Robin here,” I mean… oO

      • It’s funny that it is easier to remember nicks instead of names. Nerds… 🙂

        Thank you for reading and helping us to a good time.