Swedes in London: Pictures of Player Armies


What better way to begin this post than one of the Winner of the Best Painted Army

Best painted of Autumn Invasion 2015

Winner of the Best Painted Army: George
Mad Max inspired Resistance army won best painted
Nice detail on these well dressed Warboyz, what happened with the half-naked silver spray painted guys from the movie?
A close up on one of the Lifthawks with a stunning base

Painting Raffle Prize

Winner of the Painting Raffle: Alex shaking Dave’s hand
Bright and angry Shaltari, I like it, but I am bias towards Shaltari. I was corrected and told that the Raffle winner had three Caimans and a yellow paint scheme, perhaps I am right this time.

Post-Human Republic Task Forces

PHR - blue and grey
One of the PHR armies I faced off against. A two-tone clean painting scheme.
PHR Grey
Another PHR army, this time only grey, the one I fought in Ground Control
White and black PHR from Germany brought by Link-Hero-1, the third PHR I fought.
Blue and black PHR that strike the eye, like the black paint job makes the Triton X and Athena look a bit stealthy
Edchopp’s TRON PHR…enough said, this is how I would have liked my PHR army to look, if I had one

United Colonies of Mankind Legions

UCM flying circus, green tones with white and grey details
Mega Mike’s UCM flying circus
UCM mostly green with grey and white details.
Mega Mike’s UCM hovering Ferrum. Beatiful conversion.
UCM Phoenix, green and white
Mega Mike’s UCM Phoenix
UCM Legionnaires with a modelled wall
Mega Mike’s UCM Legionnaire Forward Air Controllers
Michel’s Seraphims striking from the Netherlands, The digital camo is intimidating
Another flying circus with Cato’s Ferrum nicely painted to command the drones
Close up on a UCM Phoenix with some stunning details painted by a German player by the name Varyag
A desert themed armoured UCM army, these guys bring some serious firepower

Scourge Hosts

Plenty of colour on these Scourge that Zombiestate brought
More pictures of these brightly coloured jellies
The Screamer is oogling me
These Scourge look toxic, I really like the green glow

Shaltari Tribes

A dark themed Shaltari army brought by Darios from Germany
Beatiful, cool blue Shaltari.

Resistance Warbands

Resistance in full force
Wintery Resistance doing Santas job
Close up on Freeriders going down a icy road, not a jellie as far as the eye can see
SO many technicals!
A re-purposed school bus ready to school their enemies
My final opponent, a Resistance warband with a lot of old military material

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  1. chrisloomis13 says:

    thanks for this, seeing armies w/ names and labels was what I was missing

  2. Thx 4 the sweet pics.

  3. Brilliant post!

    Many thanks for sharing the pictures from the event 🙂

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