Swedes in London: Pictures of Dropfleet and Showcases

30mm Ares
The 30mm Ares is a really big robot. ED-209 beware! At some point in time I will have to buy one of these and use it as a guard dog.

Scourge Dropfleet ships
Scourge dropfleet miniatures. Really awesome looking. Smooth lines and an original style. This makes them look even more squiddy.
Scourge dropfleet miniatures
Another angle of the squid ships. So much detail!
UCM dropfleet miniatures
It is not only the Scourge ships that look beautiful, UCM look gorgeous as well.
UCM large scale dropfleet ship
Not as impressive as the Avenger, but look at it have so much detail
Closeup of the large scale Dropfleet ship. It reads Niccolum Shipyards AD2664
Closeup of the large scale Dropfleet ship. It reads Niccolum Shipyards AD2664, I wonder whats its name is?
Another Close Up
Those are Orbital Defence Lasers, or rather Point Defense Lasers I guess together with a batter of what caliber railguns?
A shot of the top of the UCM Dropfleet ship
Wow! Details and such. I am in awe!
A close up of the aft
Engines, details, stuff, logo, drool, cool!
The whole ship from above
The whole ship, there are a lot of guns.
PHR Medusa
PHR Medusa riding her nanodrones, there were plenti of them at Invasion. Fortunately I was not struck by them before taking a few points of them.
Showcase models of PHR Medusa, Triton X, Valkyries and the famous commander Caine
The Valkyries look cool but what catched my eye was Caine and her modified Apollo with dual railguns.
PHR Caine and UCM Wade
The mighty Broadsword next to the modified Apollo, the Hera
UCM Broadsword, Scourge Screamer and Raider accompanied by Vampires.
UCM famous commander Wade in his Broadsword, Scourge Screamer and Raider accompanied by Vampires. Wade’s gun is so freaking long.
Shaltari Pungari and Ronin
Shaltari Pungari are tiny, they are a head shorter than Firstborns and Braves and look at them next to Ronins. But they look nice, just need to find out how to use them.
Resistance Sappers
The famed Resistance Sappers without a statline so far looks nice, but I would have put some more terrain around them, but of course that would mean that models would not show as much. I wonder what they will be able to do?
Resistance Attack ATVs
The ATVs are large and nicely painted and rulewise really interesting. Pump a building full with gas and you could deny it for a whole game unless either yourself or your opponent dare to enter.
UCM AA Teams and Hazard Suits
The Hazard Suits are boss, they did not impress me in play but the do impress me as models. The AA Teams looks really nice but looks a bit clunky to me and more Resistance than UCM. I guess I would have liked them to be some kind of cluster missile MANPAD setup on a tripod instead. But thats just me.
Scourge Eviscerators
Scourge Eviscerators looking intimidating
Another angle of the Eviscerators
Gah! They look as intimidating from this side
PHR Longreach team
When I saw the renders of these guys I could not imagine how pretty they look and how the cloaks could be painted to create some interesting effects.
PHR Marcus Barros
PHR Marcus Barros, huge and cool!
Converted PHR Hades, Nemesis and Helios
Davidos came around and visited Invasion and showed off some cool conversions. You can find guides for doing these at the Hawk forum.
A converted Condor with two underslunged Bears
Another cool conversion by Davidos. It is not my style, I like the original Condor myself, but it is a really nice craftmanship and paint job.

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  1. Really nice pictures.

    Those Dropfleet ship sure looks nice.

  2. Thx 4 the pics Sir.

  3. Wonderful wonderful pictures!!

    May I use the pictures of this absolutely fantastic UCM Battleship for a post in my local area forum? That would be great! It’s just way too beautiful not to be shown around…