Battlereport UCM Vs Scourge

In practice for Invasion 2015 september I have tested a version of my tournament list and because I will win unless you have all the information regarding this army list and so can counter it so that another army will win instead I wrote up a simple battlereport from my and my buddy Stefan (Snolb’s) battle a while ago.

I also have gotten some questions regarding just basic battle reports so I thought to do one so I can get some practice up. And it is my most likely Invasion list so keep it secret. As the pic below shows I think it will work well just to say to you to be hush hush.


The mission was the version of Land Grab where opponent’s focal points are worth more than your own if you hold them, at 1500 pts. Below you can see the battle field as well as some comments I have made. Kindly note the 2 woods, the variation in building size, the variation in placement of buildings to sometimes include very closely placed buildings, that both players have the option to destroy at least on of the opponent’s focal points, the vast amount of money I have spend on the ridiculous expensive but massively beautiful N-scale buildings from Japan.


Battlereport set upAlso not we do not have roads this time. Usually we play on Hawk’s paper terrain but this time decided to ignore that.

The Armies

Stefan went for some experimental units. He have a tendency to have fun and balanced armies while testing stuff he haven’t used for a long time. I think I get somethings mixed up to what belongs to which battlegroup. Sorry for that.

Standard Army

Field Command [444 pts]
Kodiak: Kodiak(General), Condor [279 pts]
Ferrum: Ferrum [165 pts]
Armored Formation [209 pts]
Katana Squad: 3x Katana [99 pts]
Eagle: Eagle [110 pts]

Legionnaire Corps [287 pts]
Legionnaires: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A [80 pts]
Legionnaires: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A [80 pts]
Fireblade Squad: 3x Fireblade, Condor [127 pts]

Legionnaire Corps [246 pts]
Legionnaires: 2x Legionnaires, Raven A [80 pts]
Rapier Squad: 3x Rapier, Condor [166 pts]

Special Ordnance [221 pts]
Scimitar Squad: 2x Scimitar, Condor [131 pts]
Longbow Squad: 2x Longbow, 2x Raven B(+Missile Pods) [90 pts]

Air Wing [67 pts]
Archangel Squad: Archangel [67 pts]

Add some missiles here and there this was basically it. Next time we will make sure to take some extra pictures of the armies themselves. Snolb tested to have three infantry squad in only light dropships and the old classic Scimitars.

For my Scourge list it was basically this;

Standard Army

Oppressors [260 pts]
Desolator: Desolator(Overlord) [260 pts]

Vanguard [136 pts]
Stalkers: 3x Stalker, Harbinger [136 pts]

Warriors [346 pts]
Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]
Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]
Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Marauder [158 pts]

Warriors [94 pts]
Warrior Horde: 2x Warriors, Intruder Alpha [94 pts]

Invasion Host [307 pts]
Slayer Squad: Slayer(+Razorworms), Slayer, Marauder [166 pts]
Slayer Squad: 2x Slayer, Marauder [141 pts]

Occupation Patrol [354 pts]
Minders: 4x Minder, Intruder Beta [56 pts]
Destroyers: 2x Destroyers, Intruder Alpha [140 pts]
Reaper Squad: 3x Reaper, Marauder [158 pts]

So I’m thinking more and more of the 4 Slayers for 8 E11 shots demolisher and 8 Damage points the opponent must fire a lot on. That Razorworm is rather interesting but they are hard to get where they should go. I’m kind of more inclined to take the Stalkers and get an AA gun on the vessel instead…But either way.

The game is on

All pictures are taken at the end of  the turn except one which was after we realized we forgot something.

Turn 1


The UCM deployed fairly standard with the Kodiak behind a building with the Drones close by. The Longbows disembarked close to the UCM focal point and the Rapiers prepared to be nasty next turn. IMAG0068

On the right UCM flank the Katanas drove in to fire a bit, the Eagle moved on the left side of the building and the Scimitars deployed prepared to fire at Slayers over. The infantry moved up to the two buildings connected to each other and the Fireblades stayed inside their Condor right behind the infantry. This is a fairly standard UCM way to deploy. The Ferrum runs forward and launch the drones forward to draw AA fire, the Rapiers are disembarked forward to take care of their effective reactive fire in the game.  With 9″ move of the Condor, 3″ disembark and 2″ move they now have a danger zone of reactive fire of 32″ from their deployment zone. The UCM decided here not to have any AA on the right flank though but the Fireblades will compensate later on. The Eagle can go either direction for demolish or attacking ground targets. With it’s railguns and missiles it is a clear threat for the Scourge.IMAG0067

The Scourge left flank was also fairly straight forward. Being afraid of the UCM Archangel (it didn’t enter turn 1 but could enter turn 2 perhaps and it sucks having your infantry dying because of the FM death). The Desolator just moves up, the Harbinger goes up behind a building as I didn’t know where the reactive fire from the Rapiers would end up. A squad of Reapers stayed in their dropship on the left flank as no enemy AA was there. IMAG0066For the right flank I decided to enter a building (30dp) with one squad of infantry as it was within 6″ of the building containing the focal point. The Minders and one squad of Rapiers disembarked in preparation for the drones. The UCM had placed the drones a little to aggressive and that meant that the Scourge player could use a first activation next turn to get both the minders and the rapiers a non reactive shooting at the drones. Together they should be able to take down 6-8 drones in one round of shooting which is rather nice. One squad of Slayers disembarked in the center of the table in preparation to kill Rapiers but the UCM player countered with the amazing Scimitars that with their dead eye rule are actually rather nasty against the Scourge heavy skimmers (a roll of a 6 to hit means instant kill of the Slayers). The other squad of Slayers (here I proxied Tormentors because they are not finished yet) prepared to disembark in turn 2 instead to kill off a Ferrum in turn 3.

Turn 2

Turn 2 would be very aggressive as the scourge rushed over to the opponent. At the same time the Scourge had to pay area for the decision not to disembark the Reapers on the left flank in turn one meaning the UCM could be very aggressive with their infantry dropships. IMAG0070

On the right side of the Scourge table half the infantry decided they didn’t need their transport if the UCM wanted to fire their 20 E 9 shots needed to take the infantry down it would be ok. The infantry could also disembark if needed and the Scourge only needed a single base alive at the end of the game to claim the focal point unless the UCM was even more aggressive than the Scourge player thought they would be (they were). The Slayers shot and especially failed to do anything against the rapiers. They also had a “+2 to hit card” and so could only be hit on 6:s. Which one of the Scimitars rolled killing the Slayers with the Worms inside. The worms survived and then hear a strange sound as the Longbows got in two hits and 2D6 hits later there were no worms left. The Stalkers got out to kill Rapiers next turn. IMAG0071

On the left side (damn this pic is fuzzy – sorry) Fireblades got out and did so after the Scourge player had moved his infantry into a more aggressive position. Net turn he would get flame shots in. Though no Archangel arrived this round chances were good they wold enter next turn. The katanas shot at the large building in the center and destroyed an entire base of Scourge infantry Warriors. IMAG0072

Although the Scourge player thought it was awkward on his left flank the point of view felt different on the UCM side. An Desolator was racing down with no UCM AA close enough to shoot it down. With both the Katanas and the Scimitars the UCM player had the upper hand on the focal point on his side. Those fireblades just stared down on the infantry they wanted to burn soon enough. Also note that the UCM player had an Archangel that could be used next turn, most likely. That meant that the the Scourge could not just jump into their dropships if going first next turn without jumping out. And moving forward would mean the Fireblades still could catch them so in such a case they would need to move backwards to a safe location. A well placed flame unit for the moment by the UCM player in other words. IMAG0073

On the left side it was more grim. The Slayers were now in position to fire next turn, the Rapiers had moved forward and weakened the drones and the minders re-positioned. Also there was now almost three dropships that could start shooting at the long bows next turn. A tactic usually very effective against long bows as their armour is so low. Also here the Slayers had a card making them harder to hit, sphere of influence prolonged by the Minders.

Turn 3. Things start to unravel.


On the Scourge right flank there was very little threat left for the moment. One rapier had survived from the relentless assault from Stalkers and Slayers. IMAG0076

On the left flank it was more interesting. UCM infantry now occupied the large building on the Scourge side after the lone base of scourge infantry left the building. The Rapiers had only had a chance to attack one of their dropship. Together with Flame tanks and longbows shooting at infantry manning the walls the lone base of Scourge warriors were now alone. Snolb had decided to use his flame tanks against the Scourge Warriors (5DP from each flame tank) instead on the Destroyers (0,66DP damage from each flame tank) removing 2 of the 5 starting Scourge infantry bases in the area. The Scourge decided to pound the large building with their demolisher weapons but failed to do any significant damage on the infantry inside. IMAG0077

On the left UCM flank we clearly see I should never be a photographer of any significant event as I missed the entire part of the important action going on. The Scourge dropships had chewed up the weak armored long bows (but not before they got their shots off) and a single surviving Slayer shot and did a few damage points on the Ferrum. The 2 Rapiers that had survived the fire in the turn took down the eagle with their 4 shots (they average around 4,5 damage points). This is credited a mistake to the UCM player who could have moved the Eagle away and just used it’s 2 railgun shots but got greedy and wanted to include it’s missiles against the Scourge Slayers as well. One slayer died from the combine arms of the Eagle and the drones. IMAG0078

On the UCM right flank the Desolator moved up and used it’s lightning cannon. It killed some Katanas but not much to note but it took several damage from the Rapier and the pesky Archangel. The Scimitars killed of a Stalker.

Turn 4. The Desolator is a burning wreck


The Scourge continued to pound the large building with the UCM infantry inside. Still a very  non eventful quarter.IMAG0081

On the left side a single flame tank race against the focal point. The katanas goes into the center of the table. The Rapiers have nailed another of the UCM infantry transport.IMAG0082

The same flank from the UCM perspective. Note that the desolator is gone for good. Even though it repaired a damage point as well. But the Archangel, a Rapier before it died and the card giving a transport an archangel attack was well enough to take it down. I had missed that they could use that card as well or ignored it completely as I could not see the AA on the field except the Rapier but the FM and another card FM was a big surprise. The Scimitar embarked and disembarked for a redeploy to be able to attack the left flank next turn as well as ensure coverage of their focalpoint. One Scimitar died as well this turn but I’m not sure how it happened. IMAG0083

In contrast to the Desolators demise the Slayer made short work of the rest of the damage points on the Ferrum. No drones anymore. Also you can not that the commander embarked. It is because the Slayers can attack it next turn otherwise and now it can’t be attacked very good as the UCM cleared the last Rapiers with the Ferrum’s drones before it died.

Although the Scourge had lost their leader, the UCM had lost one very vital part of their army as well. UCM had also clearly showed that it is important to save the Espionage cards against UCM for specific cards they can play. An upgrade very much needed but making their cards much more interesting and game changing for them.

Turn 5.


On the right flank some small things were happening. The UCM infantry moved into a building well prepared to enter the focal point in turn 6. The main issue here why I didn’t do anything to counter this is because that the Scourge warriors had point superiority. My opponent could not get 3 points here but I could get 2 points without doing much. The Slayer in the center moved to a protective position to either attack the disembarking UCM commander or moving into the center to reach the center focal point. IMAG0086

On the left Scourge flank the Flame tank moved forward to the center objective pulling of smoke doing so. It fried the last warrior group. Lots of dropships continued to fire at it but failed. The Harbinger picked up their last Stalker and moved away. Now placed so it could move the stalker to almost any focal point in the last turn – a favorite tactic of mine and one I reserve for Stalkers as Hunters seems to survive the entire battle less times. Also in the beginning of the turn Snolb had played a monorail card making sure that all infantry inside the building could get out although into the hands of the destroyers which were in a position to hold both Snolb’s focal point and the center one. IMAG0087

On the right UCM flank we can clearly see my incompetence with a camera. Although the action on that part died with the Desolator so not much happened. IMAG0088


On the left flank I thought the picture through and took in all the important aspects. A little weary of the Minders (don’t mind them, haha yeah, I’m funny) Snolb decided to disembark with his Kodiak and then landed two condors around it to give it cover making it very hard for the Slayers to surround it and kill it.

So we went for the last phase;

Turn 6. Endgame.


On the right flank the UCM surprised and entered the Scourge warrior building instead of the focal point. This is a very smart tactic to make sure the opponent must move away from the building before being able to attack the units inside or the building in itself. You can also see how the UCm player moved away his dropship from the building as well? A typical beginner mistake is to drop things off and as it is in turn 6 we know they will not need the dropship and so it is better to place it in safety away from the opponent instead of giving them Kill points. Scourge warriors being more expensive made sure that Focal point ended 2-1 to the Scourge. IMAG0091

On the left Scourge flank there was much frustration. Though the Katana died the last Flame tank survived the massive fire from the three dropships and a marauder and the Stalker had to disembark there to contest. Thus ending the points 3-1 to the UCM for that focal points.



Again I took the picture on the right UCM flank correct. As the infantry didn’t kill a single base of Destroyers in CQB the Destroyers added their 100 points against the UCM’s less than that which was the Scimitar and one base of infantry. I actually doesn’t remember how the Scimitar died. 3-1 to the Scourge here.

IMAG0094Things went as planned for the UCM so the Kodiak survived. The Kodiak dropped a bomb on the Slayer and hit but failed to do 2 damage points and so the Scourge could move that one to contest and the other one to contest the center. 2-1 to the UCM.

The center focal point was held by the Destroyers and Slayers while contested by the legionnaires so the center result was 2-1.

A total of 9-8 to the Scourge. With Kill points being in favor ton the UCM (because of the Desolator). A close and fun game.


I think the worms will go. I love the dual Slayers as they make a lot of pain for the opponent as well as add a bit to the focal points missions. Then again, Snolb played a bit of testing list and perhaps I need to reconsider my list for Invasion. Oh well.

I hope you enjoyed this one.


4 Responses to Battlereport UCM Vs Scourge

  1. Stefan Nordström says:

    Very nice report!

    Yeah, Slayers are really thought when they are more than two on the table. And the use of the Scourge cards makes them even harder… I really think you should keep them.

    Just a correction, I had two Archangels and just a Captain. 😉 And I believe that I got one of them out the second turn…

  2. Thx 4 the report Sir.

  3. Mike Burch says:

    Nice report, a couple of things.
    You keep calling Reapers Rapiers, it really throws the reader.
    Also, you refer to yourself and snolb as ‘Scourge player’ and ‘UCM player’ that makes it very robotic, you should use your names, and refer to yourself and ‘me’ and ‘I’
    It makes it more personal and (I think) better to read.

    Look forward to the next one, and to see your list evolution for Invasion.

    Interesting how you have now chosen to put all your infantry in Intruders!

    • Thanks for the feedback! Will make notes and try to improve for the next times. 🙂

      Regarding the infantry it isn’t actually that I don’t like the APC. It is more that the Marauder+ APC need to have 3 bases inside. If only 2 I would use the Marauder + Invader instead of an Intruder. It is a matter of keeping 4 squads. I do think that the APC are somewhat good but the problem is the extra points you need to place in them. I have otherwise had many success cases where they could give an objective to an Invader and then man the walls for some lovely and often surprising E11 shots.

      So if given a choice I would take a Marauder+2 Invaders and 4 infantry and 2 infantry in a Intruder. But since I have to take more infantry with the Marauder…

      I am a little skeptical on the amount of infantry though. It feels low and I’m used to 2 bases of normal infantry more.