Few games in against the resistance quick post

The AA wagons and technicals are sick! Absolutely sick!

1. Going out of a transport and shoot the same turn!
2. 18″ range on their AA!
3. 2 shots! Acc 2+
4. DP2 on wagons! and MF6″

Let me summerize that for you:

1. Hover craft move 5″, disembark 3″, move 3″ and shoots 18″ (countered). So it has an effective range of 29″ turn 1! They are by far more effective in AA range than anything else in the game among vehicles. They are officially the best AA in the game in my opinion.
2. Why? They are the lowest tech in the game. They are at Shaltari level in terms of technology.
3. What! Hits on 2 freaking +. This calls for some nerd rage. They have in other words the best targeting system in the game. They are the peak of technology advancement in the future. They are the same level of efficiency as the Zhukov. The targeting system in the wagons are controlled by optical technology taken from consumer video cameras. I would say the UCM and PHR and Shaltari are the stupidest group of people in the world!
4. To top it off the wagons must be as tough for a saber as a Rapier. And are as fast while firing at full efficiency as the Shaltari skimmers.


Again I’m sorry but the wagons, with the rules are representing the fastest AA and best accuracy in the game. It is way, way over the top.

They are freaking driving off an ramp! I can’t find a single way of describing how this could possibly be? With such an targeting system they must stand still to even be able to see an enemy from a far. The amount of bullets needed must be stupid high! The Resistance must have complete and unlimited resources to be able to have so many bullets in the air to represent guaranteed hits!

How should they be? Not being able to disembark and fire, not being able to move over 2″ and fire, not being able to hit a barn even if standing inside it and their AA range should be around 6″. I know Hawk wants an army that isn’t to expensive to use but is this really the way? The rules are just way off for some reason.

The rules could be around this; A5, 2DP, 3shots, acc 4+, countered range of 8″ if being able to move of and firing from an hovercraft or 12″ if MF 6″ or 18″ if Mf 2-4″.

I just feel they should not be better gunners than PHR’s high tech system from an slow moving vehicle, a truck should not have the same effective battlespeed as an Shaltari skimmer, they should not be more effective at getting of an transport than the higher tech factions.

Nerd rage over. Sorry.

2 Responses to Few games in against the resistance quick post

  1. Dammit, I need to be more positive. They are not so bad when playing them except the effective range of “best in the game” but it is so highly illogical.

    • Try and think about it another way? Dave has stated that he wants to get across that despite having the worst gear, these guys are extraordinarily well trained. I do kind of agree, that 2+ accuracy on 2 shots does feel a bit wrong, especially when competing AA systems seem to max out at 3+.

      There’s also other considerations: unlike every other faction, the resistance don’t have to factor in weight, and orbital deployment.

      It will be interesting to see what happens. It may be that in the medium term, the rules for the resistance change over time, as they are better factored into the core rules.