The Resistance soon here! Part 2

So it continues. Guessing and guessing. I really love the Resistance models.

Hellhog Figher. I’m very usure about the name here but it should fit with being a fighter. It should be a Fast mover. We see some machine gun weaponry and a pair of missiles. Most likely it will have dual roles of AA and AT capabilities. Or perhaps some hardcore Demolisher rules? In the preview shot this seems to be able to transform into a gunship. Could be true (and work well) as long as it must start as a fast mover.
Breaching Drill. What does it do? Massive damage against buildings? Infantry transport? WHAT DOES IT DO?!
Resistance Fighters. We see one or two rocket launchers. The question remains on how tough and hard in CQB they will be.
This must be Battlebus! Three weaponry and most likely no active counter measures. Though I can see an upgrade possibility with active counter measure on these (pay x points and all battlebuses in your army has active counter measures) but most likely not.
Thunderstorm Command Hovercraft. Points…Over 100 but it depends on armour and dp. Kind of cool because it really feels like it should work at the front lines. The scourge cannons are well… E 11 12″ range? But what is that cylinder? Special launcher for the driller? An harder weapon or a special ability?
Lifthawk Medium Dropship I think. There is another that is called “Barrel bomber” but I suspect it is the same as this one but with the drilling-thingy underneath instead. Dave had said something on that in one of the youtube videos but I think it was still early testing… still if right it would mean the drill is the Demolisher 15 gun he talked about with re-roll to damage.
Cyclone Attack Helicopter. I haven’t heard anything on this. But it has a lot of weapons – a development leaving the falcon way behind, still. Again, rockets… feels like the Resistance will get a lot of limited weapons… to be honest I hope not. We don’t need more things to keep track of in DZC.

I don’t have any good previews on short notice for:

Berserkers – most likely exotic infantry.

Fire Wagon – Most likely a truck with flame weapon.

Gun Technical – Technical should be the ones without a fighter manually handling the gun.

Gun Wagon – terminator 1 style wagon, I think!

M3 Alexander Command Tank – anyone have pictures on this? My god I want to see!

Rocket Technical – without a guy in the back.

Storm Wagon – With a guy in he back.

Hawk Wargames: New Details And Images Of Upcoming Dropzone Commander Resistance

So how wrong am I=

3 Responses to The Resistance soon here! Part 2

  1. We have a picture of the command tank I think… The bigger tank without a cannon on the hull.

  2. Was it? I expected some kind of dish on the tank, at the very least. Bad style that I missed it! I took it for the AT tank.

    • Sneak peak 11. 😉
      Also…. I think it will be four scourge weapons on that hovercraft. What the thing in the middle is I don’t know… but it looks like the defence laser. 😀