The Resistance soon here! Part 1

Now the Resistance is soon here! On Wayland games it is expected departure date 2014-08-30!

So my friends. I took the liberty and steal the names from Wayland’s site and try to connect it to the pictures we have gotten as sneak peaks so far… I don’t have any special insights (I’m not even a Talon) so guessing game can begin – don’t assume I’m right on anything.



Zhukov AA MBT. A max energy 10 at the front. Railgun (so I’m thinking it might have 24″ range) with demolisher against vehicles. 1 shot on the big gun. AA, of course. Should be a rare item or at least expensive in points.
Leviathan Heavy Hovercraft. The hovers are easy to mix up, I feel. We see several guns. I’m thinking they might have the same type of rules for focus fire as the trucks.
Freeriders. Infantry with three models/base. I’m really hoping for no special rules for these. fast infantry that doesn’t need dropship but are very very fragile? Hell yeah!
Jackson APC. According to information from youtube the grenade launchers should give some support to the infantry – how I don’t know. It is kind of smaller than a bear right? Can it really hold 15 people? Or should we assume 10?
Kraken Medium Hovercraft. Big gun on the side. might the command have it as well as we don’t see that side from the pictures above? I wonder about the speed on these things. Three buses or 9 smaller trucks, I think it can hold.
This must be the Hannibal MBT. Again with the big gun. So same hull as the AA version. The resistance will get 2 HQ. Again it should be rare…exotic?
Since these guys are the ones with Scourge weaponry I’m assuming Occupation Veterans. I don’t know the points for these but they should be more expensive than Scourge Warriors. It depends on how their veteran status is shown. By better Fortitude or CQB value? If the latter they should be around 33 points I would say.

That was part 1. I’ll try to publish more soon…

BTW Jens is soon coming with more posts. Expect something next thursday.

2 Responses to The Resistance soon here! Part 1

  1. It’s really thrilling to see all that new units listed on Wayland. As a Talon I can’t say if you have right or wrong… 😉
    The starterarmy that will be release in the first wave are going to be fun!