Evaluation Wexiö spelkonvent

So now I have had the chance to soak up the information from our Swedish tournament and write down my conlcusions. I thought to write down the idea, the set-up we used and the result. then I will try to modify that into a new set of rules for tournaments.


The tournament goal

What we wanted to achieve with the tournament was a set of rules that used a random generator to make sure people was prepared to face many different type of battles while still making it worth fighting to the last drop of blood so save points. Of course making sure everybody had a good time and so one on great tables was important as well but it is kind of self clear we aim for this.

The Torunament set-up

So we had a random mission generator which could give up to 16 Tournament points and Kill points in each mission which could give up to 6 points for a total of 22 points in each game. You could never play the same mission twice in a row so there was almost guaranteed to play at least three of the missions. We then also had a special rule chart that could make buildings are armoured or that they become bunkers. The main missions that could be played was; Recon, target’s of opportunities, Land grab and Encroachment. You had special charts to translate the missions KP and VP into tournament results and different charts for each mission.

The Tournament result

The random mission generator worked well with the four missions included but there was absolutely a discrepancy between missions’ results. So in some missions (especially land grab and Encroachment) it was easier to get a big victory. This can cause that your chances to win decreases if you roll “bad” on the mission chart. Though it was somewhat rectified with the “not same mission twice in a row”-rule.

If the VP chart becomes better balanced (ours that is) then it would absolutely work with the  random missions.

We used 40 DP on buildings and I really think it is enough with 30.

Secondary mission is a bit different, we strife to have the loosing player feel it matter to fight to the last drop. The secondary mission, while they did do that they could have been done a bit different to further empathize this.

Having the random special rules caused the problem that the armoured buildings came up to often. We should have just gone with Mission 2 and 4 have bunkers or armoured buildings. Also, with the random element people ignore them and hope for the best (not getting any special buildings). I think that having them set would really help and force players to take them into account.

Future tournament will then try the following:

5 Games still.
4 missions pre-selected and the last round randomized between the four. Each player select 1 mission that can’t be chosen and then you randomize between the last two.
Mission will have a 3 different level. Draw (8-8), Victory (12-4) Major (16-0).
One mission with bunkers. One mission with armoured buildings.
KP will still be in each mission. First used as a tie-breaker. Secondly according to this chart:

Looser won KP with 200+KP: 6-0 to the looser.
Looser won KP 1-199KP: 5-1 to the looser.
Winner only won KP with 1-199KP: 4-2 to the looser
Winner only won KP with 200-399KP: 3-3
Winner won KP with 400-599kp: 2-4 to the winner
Winner won KP with 600-799KP: 1-5 to the winner
Winner won KP with 800Kp+: 0-6 to the winner

I think this would help the looser to want to fight the complete battle.

If the game doesn’t finish in time and both players have been finishing their games in all previous rounds no player get the KP for tie breakers.
Second time a player experience an unfinished game that player will not get KP for tie-breaker and best result is for that player a 3-3 result in KP above.
Third or more time you get the above punishments as well as the best result for that player is 8-8 in primary mission. So third or more time a player doesn’t finish a game that player can only get maximum 0 KP for tie breaker and 11-11 in tournament result.

Also, we will try to use square deep forest as a type of building. We will look into that but the possibility to use them as a building with 40dp and falling masonry only works on 6+ and otherwize as normal buildings. This would hopefully make flame weapons more usual as forrests could be placed one on each table and people are prepared that this type of terrain come up often. We could use falling masonry at 5+ as normal as well.

Thoughts or are we just gone?

4 Responses to Evaluation Wexiö spelkonvent

  1. Interesting with the KP chart! I think it will work fine and really make players fight to death.:P
    The time will surely be better if all missions is fixed from the start but it’s always fun not knowing which mission you will be playing when facing the opponents army…

    Not sure about the forest… The DzC stage in Sweden is still young and it still a big group of players that haven’t got so many games yet. I think it can confuse them with one more terrain element that there are no rules for in the rulebook. Why not use the park areas as light terrain as describe in the rulebook or make a forest table there the forest is working just like buildings in the rulebook? ( We have been talking about that 😉 )

  2. I think all players in a tournament should be playing the same mission at the same time. As you said at the beginning, some missions allow a greater degree of victory.
    The TO can randomly generate the mission, but everyone plays the same one.
    Not sure on the KP chart. Again I think it should be evened out, and more symmetrical. It is heavily weighted in favour of the loser. Also what about a drawn game, there is no winner or loser, how will that work?
    I like the variety of missions proposed – only 1 bunker mission, only 1 mission with A8 buildings. That’s a good idea.

    • I considered the KP chart as this; a loosing player will be able to focus on destroying the opponent if they feel they have already lost a major loss. Also, I have a theory that if you loose because the opponent shoots down your buildings you can kill him instead and get KP – i e the destroying buildings should be at a “normal” level instead of just destroying all.

      Draw I missed. I think we should go with 3-3 but am not sure…

      Random mission that is rolled for all in the tournaments is a great idea! that would help even it all out.