Demolishing buildings

So you want to find out what to take for that part of your army that is supposed to be destroying buildings? Each of us has it and think on it whenever we build our armés. Some equip their dropships with AT missiles to enable them to get those extra, pretty safe, damages on buildings to get the enemy infantry weakened before entering with their own infantry. Some take dedicated units that should enter the table without a dropship to get the enemy buildings early. Some use their infantry and so on. Let’s take a look at the different faction’s different AT units.


I want to take a look at some units that can be used to destroy buildings. Three units from each faction that often has a dedicated demolisher role in an army. Or they are just worth investigating right now.

For Scourge I have selected, Hunters, Slayers and Desolator.
PHR I have chosen: Angelos, Enyos and Taranis
UCM: Katana, Eagle and Seraphim
Shaltari: Caiman, Warstrider and Tarantula

There are several more units worth investigating like Reaver gunship, Hades and more. I will not discuss those that much for the moment. There are also units with low cost that are very good pointwise in destroying buildings – I think the Prowlers are the best choice (you pay 8 points for 1 damage on a building). All in all a lower value is better points spend if you are going to destroy buildings in just attack value. Range has not been taken into account which would matter a lot of course. I have also assumed average rolling on everything. Some units can be super effective if rolling well but I have assumed the amount you should come to expect over time.

Lets start:

Hunters: 16 points per damage on a building.
Slayers: 12 points per damage on a building.
Desolator (single shot): 32 points for a damage on a building.
So the scourge Slayers win. Just for fun a Reaver is 16 points for a single damage on a building assuming all guns in range).

Angelos: 20 points
Enyos: 15 points
Taranis: 20 points.
So the Scourge beats PHR in demolishing buildings actually…Pretty freaky.

Katanas: 14 pts
Eagle: 17 points
Seraphim (only attacking – not including an availability roll): 29pts
On a side note, the horrible Wolverines with launcher are at 16 points
So go with the Katanas, UCM players! So far the most effective points you can spend on demolishing buildings in the game!

Caiman: 23pts
Tarantula (armour 6 buildings): 33 pts
Warstrider:  30 pts
On a note, Shaltari Braves are at 29 pts so actually not comparable “bad” at taking down buildings. Then again Shaltari sucks at taking out buildings. No unit under 20 points though the Caiman is a pretty sensible bet.

So that’s it! My small note on the buildings destroying units out there. Most suprising is that Katanas beats dedicated demolisher units like Enyos and Hunters. For the Scourge I really should start considering the Slayers a bit more to destroy buildings…they don’t have the same survivability as the Hunters in a sense but they are very effective if you want demolishing units. Still we don’t see to much of those on the table… But it does suggest you should use minimum Hunters and instead taking Slayers if you want that demolishing oummph.

I would judge UCM no 1, Scourge no 2, poor poor PHR-dedicated-to-destroying-buildings as third and Shaltari as a sensible fourth. Overall I think my wish list for this matter is:
1. PHR
2. Scourge
3. UCM (they want to keep the buildings intact)
4. Shaltari.

Thoughts? Of course there is much to be analysed that has not been taking into account here. Survival-possibilities, range and number of possibilities to attack are all very important aspects in demolishing. But this give you an estimation of the fire power available in direct attacks.

And now you now that the Prowlers have the most point efficient building-attack in the game.

6 Responses to Demolishing buildings

  1. Interesting assessment Egge. I’m not sure how you worked out cost effectiveness? I would think a Longbow would beat a Katana at demolition?

    • I basically took the amount of damage done during an attack on a building and divided the cost of the model with that. So if a model cost 20 points and do 2 point of damage on a building in average the cost for a single damage point on a building is 20/2 = 10pts. that means if your goal is to kill buildings it is a very effective unit.

  2. Damn you Egge! I am currently in the middle of writing an article on Demolisher for Orbital Bombardment and you’ve had the same idea. Great minds think alike.
    On a side note – you haven’t factored in range. Scourge range is 21″ for building demo (9″ move and 12″ shot) whereas everyone else has near infinite. This is quite major as the scourge can’t play the “demolish your opponents building” game until turn 3

    • Ha! First then. You are absolutely right, range is extremely important in this matter I’m lazy and it would be a great if you continued on it. Also, the ability to shoot during more turns is important as well. For instance the katana is more point efficient than the enyo but the enyo will most likely fire six times while the katanas have a nack of dying later on. So there are many ways to analyze and trash my post. Would be really interesting to read your view on the matter. And thanks for reading! As you know I’m a fan of orbital bombardment!

    • Hi Guys. Thanks for the explanation Egge. I’m sure the equation is much more complex, but it is at least a start. I think Mike has hit on the range thing, although I cant see any real way to factor that in other than as a time function as Mike suggested – ie Hunters cant start demo work past the half way line until turn 3 so they are by their nature 3/6ths effective whereas a Katana may be able to do so on turn 1 or 2 so are 5/6ths effective. I’d be interested to see how you would factor in opportunity cost – those Hunters are probably not there for demo work, they’re primarily an AT unit. I think many of us would have thought the UCM were not very good at Demo as they only have one specialist (Seraphim) and one utility unit (Longbows) with the Demo feature.

      • You are perfectly right that you basically can’t calculate the effectiveness of units in the sense of their total destructive power without taking into account the range, survival, target saturation, ability to target right building and movement. might have missed something here as well. So this analyze can go very deep. For instance, a Hunter (with it’s low range) might end up more often to fire at buildings while the Katana might be more often in a situation where it has to fire at a building even though it need to fire at something else (the problem with walking units onto the table) so the opponent’s anti building units will be able to target the buildings with UCM infantry inside and so on.

        It is a fun fact that demolishing buildings has many consequences. For instance, in targets of opportunity it is a logical choice at firing at the building closest to the enemy side with an objective. But you can also just ignore that and let the opponent get that objective off the board (or use FM to kill their transport so the infantry can’t get off that easy) which means he will have one less unit of infantry than you most of the game. This is especially effective if you have 4 squads of infantry and the opponent has only 3. So it is a topic well worth discussing more.