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  • Air Superiority in Dropzone Commander

    I love the concept of fast movers in Dropzone Commander. I was first introduced to the game back in 2014 and the combined arms approach caught my interest. In most aspects I believe DzC succeed in presenting a place for infantry, armour and transports to shine in their own right. Unfortunately, I find the aspect of suggested air forces, except for gunships, to be lacking when transferring into play. This is apparent in tournament play where fast movers seem to be a rare sight excluding a few exceptions in the forms of the UCM Archangel, the Allied Resistance Pathfinder Archangel and the PHR Athena. I understand the arguments put forward by prominent tournament players regarding the reliability of fast movers and the subject have been discussed for hours and meters of text in forums. I think it is safe to say that fast movers in general in a competitive setting is a subpar unit. Happily this is not the case when it comes to non-tournament play where winning is not everything. Therefore this post do not bother with perceived balance and tournament play. This post is for all of us that want to use and see more fast movers in casual and campaign play. I also want to give credit where credit is due as I was inspired by a discussion on the Hawk Forums about Fast Mover Mission Objectives started by Novus and Orbital Bombardment Podcast Episode 18: Emotional Gunship discussion on ideas for a Dropzone Commander 2.0. Check these discussions out for other and further ways to play with fast movers.
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  • The Winds of Change and the Fruits It Brings

    The game is changing, no idea denying it. Change can be either good or bad and of course both depending on where you stand. Ever since the releases of Conquest: Phase One the game have been changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I know that a lot of people agree with me as the forum is sizzling with posts on issues of balance. Well a lot is of course only an impression, I can imagine most people to be content with the game as it is. Then there is the posts by Egge and Team OB about what used to be and what have changed, either in regard of an energy inflation or what the new releases might change in the tournament scene. I find the posts interesting to read and think about. They also got me thinking, my perspective of the game primarily come from tournaments and tournament scenarios. Therefore, I am planning to delve deeper into another aspect of the game: campaigns. The potential of dynamic campaigns in the Dropzone Commander universe is both underdeveloped by Hawk and hard to find online. Continue reading  Post ID 4543

  • YLVA Escalation Campaign – September Part 2 of 2

    The earlier iterations of this series can be found here: and . As the players had gotten their instructions they played their games over the coming month. We had tried to setup so that a more experienced player would play against a less experienced player so rule interpretations and such were easier to solve. This worked out great and I could really recommended it. Below is the briefings in the first paragraph and the debriefs in the second paragraph under each announced game. Continue reading  Post ID 4543

  • YLVA Escalation Campaign – September Part 1 of 2

    This is the second post about the YLVA Escalation campaign and the first about September. If you would like to read the first part you can find it here: YLVA Escalation – Planning. Interest were high and many Commanders showed their interest. In order to make the planning easier I and Westman decided that it would be better if all games supposed to be played during a month was the same so participants could share their experiences and know approximately the same things as the campaign progressed.

    Portraying a game of Dropzone Commander between UCM and Scourge. Property of Hawk Wargames.
    Portraying a game of Dropzone Commander between UCM and Scourge. Property of Hawk Wargames.

    The first mission was Targets of Opportunity, iconic for DzC and probably the mission type that most DzC players are familiar with, at least in Sweden. But first there was the need for some initial story telling to establish the setting. The theme I went with was the Pre-operations of the coming invasion of Eden Prime. In order to not go against the official timeline and storyline put down by Hawk UCM would have to operate under the radar. I though up the idea of an experimental stealth vessel that UCM used for conducting these missions which were aimed to prepare the UCM invasion. I also focused on New Troy and its surroundings to have a few common names to use for orientation. Continue reading  Post ID 4543

  • YLVA Escalation Campaign – Planning

    As November is here I and another member of the YLVA gaming association, Westman, in Gothenburg have been arranging an escalation campaign to introduce new players to Dropzone Commander. At the moment there are, including us, 13 participants with all factions represented. We have been playing since September and in November we play the third round and it is to much fun to not share. If you are interested to read about the ongoing storyline and my thoughts on co-running an escalation campaign I am happy to share my experience. Continue reading  Post ID 4543