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  • Old gaming table and what I should do instead

    As you can see I do not have the same amount of time to blog now. With a new job, a nine monther at home and a house needing to be fixed I find myself being forced to sacrifice the blog a little bit. I’m hoping to get some time in the future. I ask for your all understanding. I haven’t stopped – but it is slower right now.

    Today I just wanted to mention that I have scrapped my gaming table I build some time ago. I thought to give you the reasons to why so you can escape the same problems when you build a table.

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  • Civilian Vehicles!

    I think that something from the Hawk Wargames production that haven’t got the right attention is the Civilian Vehicle pack. It’s just a amazing pack with tiny cars that function as the Technicals for the Resistance and trucks and buses. They are so different and fun to paint! In this blog post me and the Swedish DzC Blog friend Jonas Eng have a go with them! I let Jonas go first…


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  • Breaking! New Scenarios from Hawk!

    Just some minutes ago Hawk Wargames released some new scenarios that will be played at the Las Vegas Open.
    You can find them here!

    It seems that they are for bigger battles like 2000P+ but I think youcan just edited them to suit your size of games. And just a little odd thing is that there is no explanation about the new “Critical Location”. But after a little chat with Simon at the Hawk forum I think they will be working like this: Player get 1 score at the end of turn 2 and onward if the player have more points than the opponent within 3″ of the Critical Location. This is real good for it make sure for some action the whole battle and I’m really keen to trying this out!

    What do you think of the new scenarios?

  • Let’s Paint with Anjo – Ramses

    This is Anjo’s second Let’s Paint where he shows off how he painted my Ramses. This paint job have been committed to Hawk Wargames painting competition during October.

    Hi again! Time for another post! This time I will show how I painted Jens Ramses. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of each step this time, since I wanted to give it back to Jens as fast as I could so I got a bit distracted by that. Will try better next time!

    The Shaltari famous commander Ramses when finished.

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  • Let’s Paint with Anjo – Despoiler

    A short introduction before I hand over the word to Anjo. Anjo painted my Ramses and have asked if he could something painting related on DzCSweden, as the nice bunch of people we are, we said yes once Anjo provided us with a work sample. If you like Anjo’s Let’s Paint and want to see more, please show your appreciation in the comments. That is all for me, over to Anjo.

    Hi, my name is Andreas Johansson but usually go by the nickname Anjo. I’ve been playing Dropzone Commander for about a half year or so now. Since I enjoy the painting side of this hobby I thought I would try to add something extra for the DZC Swedish blog, namely painting posts.

    For the first post I decided to go with the Scourge Despoiler and will be painting it in my own scheme, which is really easy to do. I will be explaining each step of the painting process with a picture underneath it, the total process is captured in 14 steps.

    The Scourge Despoiler when finished.

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  • Suggestion new building types for DZC

    DZC is in my opinion the best game I have played suitable for urban warfare. The rules are interesting and the buildings and infantry rules makes it a very interesting game focusing on rapid redeployment and a wonderful rock scissor paper system. But after a while the Urban terrain becomes a bit redundant. We play on it over and over and over again. The tables just looks the same all the time. It becomes a bit of old Warhammer fantasy “A hill on the right side of my table edge. A hill on the left side on your table edge. A wood in the center – don’t like it? Switch sides”. So I thought to give examples of different types of “buildings” you could use, without any changes to balance (more or less – any change will affect balance but I think it is negligible for my suggestions). The purpose being giving variation on the battlefield itself. Rural, desert, forests and so on. But still retaining the balance in “Target’s of opportunities” where you enter buildings and search for objectives.

    First I’m going to give some examples of what we have today and then give four different new type of buildings that are represented by things normally considered “area terrain” which I consider being the easier type of terrain to use and look good.

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  • Magnetizing the Scourge

    So in preparation for Invasion September 2015 I have actually done some stuff with my army. First I have magnetized the dropships and units under and the next step is to base all flying bases.

    Apparently there are people who wonder how I went about magnetizing my stuff. So I thought to explain. Since I have done it using a blunt knife, superglue and rough estimation of even surfaces I think most people can do much better than me. I am, however satisfied with the result. This will not be a complete tutorial just a pointer to folks who wish to magnetize their units but let me know if you feel it is not worth anything at all – always good to know if I have to make it better.



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