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  • Youtube; Random clips from a Swedish one day tournament

    So I have made a small compilation of clips from a Swedish one day tournament. But instead of presenting it with just clips straight off I thought to present them personally. And try to joke about it. But I’m not good at it. At the same time I don’t I have seen another person doing this for their videos on youtube so for the moment I’m unique for dropzone commander blogger.

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  • Strongpoint Raid Game 1

    The original DZC rulebook have some hidden gems in my opinion. As a tournament player I do find that playing massive and not-so-balanced-mission can be fun as long as there correct expectations are there. Therefor me and Snolb talked about the missions in the rulebook that doesn’t get as much action as the rest. There are very few actually getting used out there. Mostly we have been thinking the Attacker-Defender missions in the rulebook. That means

    • Strongpoint raid
    • The hunt
    • Demolition
    • Decapitation
    • Bridgehead
    • Gauntlet

    These are six of the available 12 missions which actually hint that DZC had a original purpose of being about 50-50 casual gaming with cool models and 50-50 balanced play. Later on this changed and from the rulebook Hawk have with their tournament pack basically said that only four missions are worth playing in any kind of balanced setting and in their own tournament they are only consider 2 of them worthwhile.

    But the variation of the missions is what caught my eye in the beginning. Not playing pitched battle (focal point of objective missions) or a small variation of that was one of the main drivers for me. So me and Snolb decided for the following thing;

    We are going to test all Attacker and Defender missions in the rulebook and blog about it. At least each mission will be played twice.

    And film it.


    The goal isn’t to film poorly but we will take this as learning to get the hang of making small films. The set-up of these blogs will basically always be a 2 parter:

    1. The first will be a trial game. This is where no player really have full understanding of the missions and the balance and so on. we will make a small film, show the result and then have a small discussion if this is a mission with some sense and if it is fun. We have a suspicion that some of these missions need to be slightly tweaked to work at their best and we will give our opinions on that to.
    2. The second part will be a little more detailed film on basically the same set-up but with armies more tailored for the mission. This does not need we have made the best armies but more focus on more fun armies. We will then give our closing thoughts on the mission and suggestions on what You should consider when playing these missions to make them as fun as possible. We will not try to get these into a tournament setting (although some parts could be inspiring to a tournament mission) as we don’t see them being there but we will try to find a way to player them and evaluate them and basically either suggest you try them out (and what you then should consider) or give the feedback on what changes you need to make to make the mission fun enough to use.

    So let’s start

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  • Yggdrasil information

    Posted on by egges

    So we are working on something. And we thought to give you a teaser. But I’m not good at that . So this is the full disclosure of what currently 5 people are working on.

    Yggdrasil – more to come.


    As we learn more we will do more. But this is just to try to get you hyped up. While there are many DZC blogs (well – kind of) there are few unofficial fan-sites building on the DZC universe with their own ideas. So until the next one starts we hope to have the best.

    Starting date unknown.

    What you’d all say? Booo, Meh or Yay?


  • Search! The mission in discussion (and first video report)

    Posted on by egges

    Search is a mission I have protected a lot in the past. I really like the style and it gives an important variation to the standard objectives in buildings and focal points. Recon and Encroachment does this as well. After some discussion on Hawk’s forum where I am the only one protecting the missions not being the 40k standard ones as Focal points. I fear we are moving into a tournament scene where pitched battle fantasy style is the only thing that will be deemed competitive and objectives that are not focal points will disappear. Look into the last Invasion for instance – demolish buildings (removed from tournament scene), recon encroachmen and search (removed from tournament scene), destroy focal points (removed), heck targets of opportunity (removed from tournament scene).

    Though this is a problem among the organizers. And to be true. As long as an TO thinks it is ok in their tournament I should shut up. However, I have a problem with the discussions stating that basically anything not amount a very narrow amount of missions are unbalanced. DZC needs more different objectives in missions – not less. Less means pitched battle fantasy style and we are almost already at the point that buildings that are not completely mirrored to both players are extremely unbalanced to the point that the world will end. The issue I’m having is that by just removing missions and not adding anything we are loosing the part of DZC that is fun and it is just a matter of time until normal objectives in buildings are gone.

    So I defend Search, recon and Encroachment with my teeth. I really should stop because I also think “Shut up, Egge! I have heard this all before many many times from you.” And the world will most likely not end. not while there are TO’s doing something different.

    But we were talking about Search.

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