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  • 1999 points famous commanders played

    So we played a 1999 points battle Scourge Vs Resistance with Famous commander. Salakhan and The Dinosaur.

    I have found that adding some variation to the normal “Tournament game”-routine we kind of have gotten stuck in really adds a lot for me right now. I can’t get in the games I want so when we do play we do it much less serious. This might mean I can’t compete in next invasion (though I plan to attend and play) for the win but it keeps me playing.

    170212 1

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  • Dropfleet Commander – A Playtest 600 pts. UCM vs Shaltari

    Dropfleet Commander finally arrived in Gothenburg. I and a friend, Westman, decided to play a game to try out the rules and get a feeling for the game. We decided on 600 pts and that we would play the introductory scenario Expeditionary Raid.

    +++ Eden System +++
    June 29th, 2670, D+23 (Theatre), D+23 (Reconquest)

    +++ Operational Parameters +++
    Expeditionary Raid to secure industrial and military sectors on Eden VII in Grid 067829 aka. The Paradise’s Outback. Naval Intelligence report minor Scourge activity in the surroundings. Scans of the target area show no active Orbital Defence Emplacements. Recommended approach is a Lightning Strike to secure essential infrastructure and operational military assets. Caution is advised. Navigational hazards are present, remnants from the initial stages of the Reconquest is still in orbit over the target area.
    +++ Expected Losses +++
    Naval Assets: Minimum
    Ground Assets: Minimum

    Eden VII

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  • Invasion 2016: Snolbs AAR

    So I’m back after my third Invasion and as like the two other times it was great fun and five good intense battles with 5 nice opponents. My personal goal this time was to have three wins and make it to the upper half. First time I had three losses and two wins and second time one loss, two draws and two wins but I have always make it to the upper half. Last time I played Feral Resistance but now I was back with the Allies…

    Me with the Mad-Man-Hair playing the last scenario at Invasion 2016...
    Me with the Mad-Man-Hair playing the last scenario at Invasion 2016…

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  • Winter Invasion 2016 – Impressions and some more pictures

    Time for the after action report of Winter Invasion 2016. It was a blast! I am starting to feel at home in Croydon. I also guess this mean I am part time Londoner. I sleep in english hotels, shower in english showers, use english toilets and drink american beer at english pubs while eating home-made burgers and socialising with the DzC elite (read OB). If this goes on I need to get myself a post box. Egge has already gone through the opening excitement as the venue was closed up when we arrived after having an english breakfast. I will share with you my first sight as I walked through the doors.

    Pez’ DzC table. Nicely overgrown and a lot of inspiration to me.

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  • Swedes in London: Jens’ AAR – Part 3 of 3

    The final game awaited. Invasion had almost ended. The game awaiting me would be a fantastic one, full of surprises and unlikely events. After going through the fifth game I will share a few of my reflections of the event itself.

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  • Strongpoint Raid Game 1

    The original DZC rulebook have some hidden gems in my opinion. As a tournament player I do find that playing massive and not-so-balanced-mission can be fun as long as there correct expectations are there. Therefor me and Snolb talked about the missions in the rulebook that doesn’t get as much action as the rest. There are very few actually getting used out there. Mostly we have been thinking the Attacker-Defender missions in the rulebook. That means

    • Strongpoint raid
    • The hunt
    • Demolition
    • Decapitation
    • Bridgehead
    • Gauntlet

    These are six of the available 12 missions which actually hint that DZC had a original purpose of being about 50-50 casual gaming with cool models and 50-50 balanced play. Later on this changed and from the rulebook Hawk have with their tournament pack basically said that only four missions are worth playing in any kind of balanced setting and in their own tournament they are only consider 2 of them worthwhile.

    But the variation of the missions is what caught my eye in the beginning. Not playing pitched battle (focal point of objective missions) or a small variation of that was one of the main drivers for me. So me and Snolb decided for the following thing;

    We are going to test all Attacker and Defender missions in the rulebook and blog about it. At least each mission will be played twice.

    And film it.


    The goal isn’t to film poorly but we will take this as learning to get the hang of making small films. The set-up of these blogs will basically always be a 2 parter:

    1. The first will be a trial game. This is where no player really have full understanding of the missions and the balance and so on. we will make a small film, show the result and then have a small discussion if this is a mission with some sense and if it is fun. We have a suspicion that some of these missions need to be slightly tweaked to work at their best and we will give our opinions on that to.
    2. The second part will be a little more detailed film on basically the same set-up but with armies more tailored for the mission. This does not need we have made the best armies but more focus on more fun armies. We will then give our closing thoughts on the mission and suggestions on what You should consider when playing these missions to make them as fun as possible. We will not try to get these into a tournament setting (although some parts could be inspiring to a tournament mission) as we don’t see them being there but we will try to find a way to player them and evaluate them and basically either suggest you try them out (and what you then should consider) or give the feedback on what changes you need to make to make the mission fun enough to use.

    So let’s start

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  • Swedes in London: Jens’ AAR – Part 2 of 3

    Time for the last game of the first day and the first game of the second day. Since I had good success in the first two games I had climbed to table six, therefore being in the top 12 players, if I remember correctly. It was time to have my first game against a member of Team OB. I did not have the pleasure during the spring and since those chaps are nice guys I hoped for a fun time. Mega Mike did not disappoint. Continue reading  Post ID 4858

  • Swedes in London: Egge’s report

    As it stands my position worsened 5 placements and being the only swede who lowered in % in placements I am the standing joke in the group. But I did get 5 good games. Although I don’t have a good recollection of them – all other swedes have much better reports. Mine are just vague and most likely not interesting.

    So let me tell you about them anyway. The little I remember.

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