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  • Scattered terrain – using it on the battlefield

    I have talked about how area terrain before on the blog and how they are kind of underused but should really be a regular part of the battlefield. In some ways it has the same problem as Scattered terrain – it is not used as much (much because the amazing paper terrain). And has a lot of potential. But as area terrain has pretty solid and sensible rules in the rulebook, scattered terrain does not.

    I wanted to explain my view on scattered terrain. What it is, how the rules can be for them and how they could be utilized. As I write this I also realize that my view on scattered terrain is still in development and hope to come to a conclusion at the end.

    It is worth checking them out from a top as well.

    I know, I know. The bases above are not really scattered terrain. It is parts of Mega Mike’s from Orbital bombardment nicely done UCM army but it gives a good impression of how the battlefield should look. There are small features everywhere and I think that the paper terrain alone does not give the correct impression of the battlefield.

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  • Some work in progress

    So I finally have come to a conclusion that I want to build a table. It is still in the early stages but I thought to show some of my progress.

    I have earlier discussed the problem with my old table here; http://blog.dzcsweden.se/?p=4460 and that is something I have considered. I also have included some thinking from my posts about trees. http://blog.dzcsweden.se/?p=2921 and the placement of buildings. http://blog.dzcsweden.se/?p=3177


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  • Terrain, terrain, terrain – the Hawk Wargames forum search

    I though to take up my favorite terrain posts on Hawk wargames forum. Now most people have seen these several times but there are several reasons to make a note of them over and over again. After some points of why I think terrain makes the game better I will go through (some) my favorites of the terrain posts at Hawk wargames’ forum.

    Entire table.
    Entire table of one of Dark ops tables. Really nice.

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  • Old gaming table and what I should do instead

    As you can see I do not have the same amount of time to blog now. With a new job, a nine monther at home and a house needing to be fixed I find myself being forced to sacrifice the blog a little bit. I’m hoping to get some time in the future. I ask for your all understanding. I haven’t stopped – but it is slower right now.

    Today I just wanted to mention that I have scrapped my gaming table I build some time ago. I thought to give you the reasons to why so you can escape the same problems when you build a table.

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  • Civilian Vehicles!

    I think that something from the Hawk Wargames production that haven’t got the right attention is the Civilian Vehicle pack. It’s just a amazing pack with tiny cars that function as the Technicals for the Resistance and trucks and buses. They are so different and fun to paint! In this blog post me and the Swedish DzC Blog friend Jonas Eng have a go with them! I let Jonas go first…


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  • M116 Bunker Complex – What to use them for?

    I noticed a thread on the Hawk forum where users were asking for some official rules and/or scenario. This is completely unofficial but I have been thinking about how the bunkers could be armed. The weapons profiles that I have cooked up could probably be used in a wide range of scenarios.

    Five bunkers of awesome death

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  • Suggestion new building types for DZC

    DZC is in my opinion the best game I have played suitable for urban warfare. The rules are interesting and the buildings and infantry rules makes it a very interesting game focusing on rapid redeployment and a wonderful rock scissor paper system. But after a while the Urban terrain becomes a bit redundant. We play on it over and over and over again. The tables just looks the same all the time. It becomes a bit of old Warhammer fantasy “A hill on the right side of my table edge. A hill on the left side on your table edge. A wood in the center – don’t like it? Switch sides”. So I thought to give examples of different types of “buildings” you could use, without any changes to balance (more or less – any change will affect balance but I think it is negligible for my suggestions). The purpose being giving variation on the battlefield itself. Rural, desert, forests and so on. But still retaining the balance in “Target’s of opportunities” where you enter buildings and search for objectives.

    First I’m going to give some examples of what we have today and then give four different new type of buildings that are represented by things normally considered “area terrain” which I consider being the easier type of terrain to use and look good.

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  • Regarding terrain and missions. Mostly buildings.

    I thought to add something to my low-quality previous post regarding tournament pack. But first a summary of my thoughts regarding balance in a tournament;

    • Hawk’s tournament pack is a pointer, not a steady rule. The pack is meant to be broken if a TO wishes so.
    • To’s rule the tournament. If no one enter the tournament the TO will most likely change.
    • Hawks Tournament pack has the potential to change game balance with just the missions inside and a TO with generally good intentions will not have much problems testing new stuff and still be inside these extreme edges of balance in the pack.
    • The point system a TO uses has rather little effect on a statistical result. As long as you are rewarded more for winning than loosing the point system is actually not that important. Sure for individuals the result can change but not general army-wise.
    • Missions should be based on same objectives for both players. Not different ones. As long as the players have the same starting point you will get, statistically the best player that win.
    • Also, I believe that the amount of important dice rolls in DZC (or any dice game) will mean that adding a few more important die rolls are not showing much effect on the game nor a tournament. So you have a span of unbalance that DZC has no problem coping with.
    • As a final note, terrain, player skill and choice of army will affect the results much more than a slightly unbalanced mission.

    I thought to give voice to the terrain part. In a feeble attempt to compensate for my lack of quality posts I will go for quantity instead.

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  • Road to London; Egge’s Impressions from invasion

    So Invasion is over. I think we will all post reports and impressions very randomly during the coming weeks. I will post Mondays and Saturdays the next few weeks so check it out. This time around I will just post the tidbits I got from Dave, Simon, Luis and Patrice and the next three or four posts will be battle reports, feedback on the tournament and thoughts what’s going to happen next.


    But we’ll start with the information I gathered.


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  • The trees are the difference?

    I have noticed we have a tendency to have the buildings on a board around equal for both armies. When I say around I mean perfectly equal. In the center you have 2 large buildings and one medium. Sometimes 1 large (the center) and 2 medium buildings. In the right hand corner you have a medium building and on the left a large building. I don’t think we are alone. Here is the issue:

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