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  • Air Superiority in Dropzone Commander

    I love the concept of fast movers in Dropzone Commander. I was first introduced to the game back in 2014 and the combined arms approach caught my interest. In most aspects I believe DzC succeed in presenting a place for infantry, armour and transports to shine in their own right. Unfortunately, I find the aspect of suggested air forces, except for gunships, to be lacking when transferring into play. This is apparent in tournament play where fast movers seem to be a rare sight excluding a few exceptions in the forms of the UCM Archangel, the Allied Resistance Pathfinder Archangel and the PHR Athena. I understand the arguments put forward by prominent tournament players regarding the reliability of fast movers and the subject have been discussed for hours and meters of text in forums. I think it is safe to say that fast movers in general in a competitive setting is a subpar unit. Happily this is not the case when it comes to non-tournament play where winning is not everything. Therefore this post do not bother with perceived balance and tournament play. This post is for all of us that want to use and see more fast movers in casual and campaign play. I also want to give credit where credit is due as I was inspired by a discussion on the Hawk Forums about Fast Mover Mission Objectives started by Novus and Orbital Bombardment Podcast Episode 18: Emotional Gunship discussion on ideas for a Dropzone Commander 2.0. Check these discussions out for other and further ways to play with fast movers.
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  • Dropfleet Commander – A Playtest 600 pts. UCM vs Shaltari

    Dropfleet Commander finally arrived in Gothenburg. I and a friend, Westman, decided to play a game to try out the rules and get a feeling for the game. We decided on 600 pts and that we would play the introductory scenario Expeditionary Raid.

    +++ Eden System +++
    June 29th, 2670, D+23 (Theatre), D+23 (Reconquest)

    +++ Operational Parameters +++
    Expeditionary Raid to secure industrial and military sectors on Eden VII in Grid 067829 aka. The Paradise’s Outback. Naval Intelligence report minor Scourge activity in the surroundings. Scans of the target area show no active Orbital Defence Emplacements. Recommended approach is a Lightning Strike to secure essential infrastructure and operational military assets. Caution is advised. Navigational hazards are present, remnants from the initial stages of the Reconquest is still in orbit over the target area.
    +++ Expected Losses +++
    Naval Assets: Minimum
    Ground Assets: Minimum

    Eden VII

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  • Forgive me! I have strayed – Part 2 of 2

    It is time to discuss four more games and what they might contribute to DzC. This time it I will discuss: One Page 40k, Saga, Frostgrave and Bolt Action. 1p40k is a fun and quick way for me to use my old Ultramarines with some, in my opinion, better rules. Saga have a really interesting order mechanic to give each faction a distinct feeling. Frostgrave is whacky and all about immensely powerful magicians with a great opportunity for storytelling. Finally Bolt Action is an arcady take on historical miniature wargaming with interesting ideas about army organisation based on theatre. So what can they offer us in DzC? Continue reading  Post ID 4596

  • Forgive me! I have strayed! – Part 1 of 2

    This article was meant to be finished a lot earlier but I did not get around to it. No matter, now it is done! The reason behind this article was me having a period where I did not play DzC for over two months. I played a lot of other games though. Here are some of the games I tried and my impression of them and why I find DzC to still be one of my favourite games if not the favourite. Nowadays I am back to playing DzC together with some other games. I tried the Alien vs Predator board game, Infinity, One Page 40k, Saga, Frostgrave and Bolt Action. All of them with their own merits, all of them with their own flaws. Playing them also made me start to miss DzC and this might be to preach to the choir but DzC is a good game. It could also be that it is the game I have played the most so I may be a bit biased. Those games also made me think about what I want to do with DzC in the future. Continue reading  Post ID 4596

  • The Winds of Change and the Fruits It Brings

    The game is changing, no idea denying it. Change can be either good or bad and of course both depending on where you stand. Ever since the releases of Conquest: Phase One the game have been changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. I know that a lot of people agree with me as the forum is sizzling with posts on issues of balance. Well a lot is of course only an impression, I can imagine most people to be content with the game as it is. Then there is the posts by Egge and Team OB about what used to be and what have changed, either in regard of an energy inflation or what the new releases might change in the tournament scene. I find the posts interesting to read and think about. They also got me thinking, my perspective of the game primarily come from tournaments and tournament scenarios. Therefore, I am planning to delve deeper into another aspect of the game: campaigns. The potential of dynamic campaigns in the Dropzone Commander universe is both underdeveloped by Hawk and hard to find online. Continue reading  Post ID 4596

  • Mission Evolution: Ground Control

    I have been thinking a lot about how Ground Control work in Dropzone Commander. My criticism is mainly aimed at Ground Control but could be extended to FPs. It is very easy to contest a table quarter, harder to contest a FP. Of course the very easy part of that statement is dependent on surviving with your units but the fact is you only need 1 point of units worth to be able and contest regardless of the opponent having their whole 1500 points worth of an army controlling it. I would like to see a change. Continue reading  Post ID 4596

  • Pungarii Horde (Hoard) with a sprinkle of Ronin

    The funniest thing happened. Egge was writing about rule changes and unit changes and the very next moment the changes from Hawk were announced. Since I have been dormant for awhile on the blog I thought it was a good time to try and get back up on the horse. The little funny Shaltari dudes got a really interesting rule. What little funny Shaltari dudes am I talking about? These dudes.

    Pungarii, Ronin and Samurai posing for a group picture
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  • Winter Invasion 2016 – Impressions and some more pictures

    Time for the after action report of Winter Invasion 2016. It was a blast! I am starting to feel at home in Croydon. I also guess this mean I am part time Londoner. I sleep in english hotels, shower in english showers, use english toilets and drink american beer at english pubs while eating home-made burgers and socialising with the DzC elite (read OB). If this goes on I need to get myself a post box. Egge has already gone through the opening excitement as the venue was closed up when we arrived after having an english breakfast. I will share with you my first sight as I walked through the doors.

    Pez’ DzC table. Nicely overgrown and a lot of inspiration to me.

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  • Winter Invasion 2016 – Pictures of Armies

    Unfortunately I did not get take the same amount of pictures on armies as last time. But here are a few. Let first look at this conversion of an Archangel Pathfinder. I must admit that most pictures are of Resistance armies. I do not really know why, but there were a lot of Resistance Armies at Invasion. A lot of them also looked really nice.

    Neat conversion of the Archangel.

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